The Boomerang Board is the managing body of the Boomerang, consisting of 7  members from the University College Utrecht student body.

Boomerang Board Fall 2016-2017

Fleur Zantvoort  Editor-in-Chief
Judith Harmsen |  Executive Editor
Henry Fersko |   Executive Editor
Laura Paloma  |  Creative Director
Clemens Schally  |  Managing Editor
Justé Jasevičiūté  |  Communications Officer
David Meijer |  Multimedia Director

The Boomerang wouldn’t be what it is without all the devoted journalists, creative illustrators and photographers. 

A great help in the process is the Committee Affairs Officers at the UCSA Board, Carolina Silva. 

Also, we wouldn’t be where we are right now without the contributions made by previous Boomerang Boards to which we are always thankful.