Campus is a cool place to beeeee!

By Emma Beroske & Lotte Wolff

As we all know, the bee population has been decreasing rapidly, threatening biodiversity and our very own agriculture. Enactus UCU hence decided to take action to help out their dire situation! Project Kom Erbij has been running for a year and a half now and successfully managed to set up two bee colonies last year.

We collaborate with the Salvation Army, to provide vocational rehabilitation to disadvantaged people, whilst simultaneously increasing the bee population. After a successful season and harvest, unfortunately our poor bees did not survive the winter.. But fear not! New bees are on their way, and they might even be coming to campus.

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HumCo and Enactus Working Hand-in-Hand

text by Irina Fomichev / image via HumCo

For their yearly charity project HumCo is teaming up with Enactus to collect funds for the Redhill Baraka school. “When Tashi approached me with the idea of HumCo raising money for Enactus UCU I was very excited,” says HumCo Chair Renee Vollenberg. She likes that it is now a campus project and that Enactus UCU is much more transparent than bigger charities. Moreover, there is more collaboration on campus, a benefit for the community inside the bubble.

Similar enthusiasm is found in Enactus as Tashi Maseland, secretary of Enactus UCU, expressed how pleased she was that HumCo will be supporting their cause. Continue reading “HumCo and Enactus Working Hand-in-Hand”

Committee Corner: Enactus in Ethiopia

By Zoë van den Brink & Janna Dijkstra  “Use your talent to improve the lives of people worldwide” In this recurring feature, the Boomerang will take a look into the heart of our many committees. What goes on at those closed borrels and board meetings? What do they busy themselves with between events? Which goals have they achieved so far? First up: Enactus. Enactus is … Continue reading Committee Corner: Enactus in Ethiopia