Is this the end of the French Socialist Party?


After the scandals concerning François Fillion and Marine Le Pen, it is now the socialist party’s turn to be front page news after the French Presidential elections. French newspapers are announcing the end of the Socialist Party. We may ask, is this an exaggeration of the press or is the Party truly breaking up?

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Hate Speech as Free Speech?


When mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, every now and then I see some far right activist being punched in the face by a far left activist. I’ll admit this is a guilty pleasure, but more interestingly, it always sparks a discussion on whether these extremist groups, deserve the space to say what they believe. In Western nation-states around the world, where democracy and certain freedoms are of utmost importance, freedom of speech is perceived as a fundamental right.

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“Don’t be afraid of my Moroccan driving teacher”


My driving teacher uses a typical Dutch saying that goes as something like ‘what a farmer doesn’t know, he doesn’t eat’. This could explain why the PVV does well in rural areas with little to no Muslim immigrants. Whereas in Amsterdam, the PVV only received 6,9% of the votes. In Rotterdam, however, the PVV was the second largest party.

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Across a Line Nobody Drew


Slowly, I scan the room, making a few evasive eye movements to throw him off the scent. It’s all subterfuge: I’ve long spotted a yellow tissue box under the coffee table.

“I spy with my little eye…,” I begin, “…something yellow.”

Consecutively, he points at a painting, a wall and some flowers, pronouncing their names with care. Grinning, I shake my head. This is a difficult one.

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An Interview with Philosophy Professor and Admissions Officer Floris van der Burg


Although all of us have already been accepted to UCU, it is still interesting to know what exactly the admissions officers saw in us that gave us the opportunity to study here in the first place. With a current acceptance of about one in four and an ever-growing application pool, I was curious to know the criteria the admissions officers base their decisions on. Luckily, I was able to interview one of the head admissions officers, Floris van der Burg.

The first topic we discussed was grades. Grades are obviously important since they are evidence of a student’s past performances and the best indicator of future achievement.

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UCU is a Monastery


“Hell are the others,” JP Sartre wrote. Put a number of people into a closed space and they will end up detesting each other. Shouldn’t the same thing be the case here at UCU? 800 students, locked in with each other through their own laziness, dominating gates halting any attempt to break the daily routine of waking up, going to class, eating a kaassoufflé in DH, going to the bar to drink and going back to sleep. You must imagine Sisyphus happy. And hating his co-stone-pushers.

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