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Campus is a cool place to beeeee!

By Emma Beroske & Lotte Wolff

As we all know, the bee population has been decreasing rapidly, threatening biodiversity and our very own agriculture. Enactus UCU hence decided to take action to help out their dire situation! Project Kom Erbij has been running for a year and a half now and successfully managed to set up two bee colonies last year.

We collaborate with the Salvation Army, to provide vocational rehabilitation to disadvantaged people, whilst simultaneously increasing the bee population. After a successful season and harvest, unfortunately our poor bees did not survive the winter.. But fear not! New bees are on their way, and they might even be coming to campus.

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Campus’s Missing Minority


In the past few months, issues of diversity and representation on campus have surfaced, including articles on gender equality and social class. These are popular and important concerns. However, there is one voice missing, and no one seems to notice: disability. This has been a difficult article for me to write, as I’ve had a sense of ‘systemic blackmail’ that comes from nowhere specifically. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” is common advice, and while this is not what I intend to do, I fear it may come across as such. . I want those who have helped me to know that I greatly appreciate everything they’ve done, and that I would be struggling if not for them. That said, this article is a commentary on my experiences and what I’ve noticed during my year as an exchange student at UCU.

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An Interview with Philosophy Professor and Admissions Officer Floris van der Burg


Although all of us have already been accepted to UCU, it is still interesting to know what exactly the admissions officers saw in us that gave us the opportunity to study here in the first place. With a current acceptance of about one in four and an ever-growing application pool, I was curious to know the criteria the admissions officers base their decisions on. Luckily, I was able to interview one of the head admissions officers, Floris van der Burg.

The first topic we discussed was grades. Grades are obviously important since they are evidence of a student’s past performances and the best indicator of future achievement.

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UCU is a Monastery


“Hell are the others,” JP Sartre wrote. Put a number of people into a closed space and they will end up detesting each other. Shouldn’t the same thing be the case here at UCU? 800 students, locked in with each other through their own laziness, dominating gates halting any attempt to break the daily routine of waking up, going to class, eating a kaassoufflé in DH, going to the bar to drink and going back to sleep. You must imagine Sisyphus happy. And hating his co-stone-pushers.

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Paint Job


After having had the most spectacular dinner, I look into her eyes and am about to lean in for the kiss, when a harsh voice interrupts the moment:

“Bill!… Hey Bill!”.

I look around but cannot see anything but the elegantly set table, on which the candles illuminate the room just enough for me to distinguish the features of the woman of my dreams. Then the same piercing voice echoes through that dream:

“Heyo Bill, hand me that sander!”

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“Dude, I think you might be gay”


It took me a long time to realize that I wasn’t straight. After making out with a girl at summer camp I was told I wasn’t straight. I didn’t believe her.

There is this misconception, which I fully bought into, that girls only get with other girls to impress guys. In all teen movies, girls are making out with each other while guys eagerly watch and cheer them on. It’s reaffirmed time and time again that girls can make out with friends for fun. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s hot.

The idea of things “not counting” if it’s with a girl made it very difficult to figure out my sexuality. After kissing a girl in a game of truth or dare at an all-girl sleepover, word started spreading that I was gay. I still didn’t think it was true – I had just done it for the game. I had always had crushes on boys. But then my crush started to ask me questions and giving me a lot of attention because of it, so I played along. I pretended I was gay so that I would get male attention. I was one of those girls.

Slowly realizing that I was into girls just made me more confused. I see women in a very different way than I see men. There’s no denying that I’m attracted to women, and sex with them is awesome, but I still feel like I’m being fake and doing it for attention. I don’t have romantic feelings for them, so sexual experiences are just that – sex. It’s very much a fun thing to do with a friend that feels really good, but it’s nothing more than that.

I identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, but I doubt that I would ever date a woman. Does this mean I’m a fake? Am I allowed to say I share the struggle? I was once told “get out of here, you homo. You can’t breathe the same air as me”. Does that one-time offense mean that I’ve been discriminated against because of my sexuality?

Did the society in which I was raised condition me to sexually objectify women to the point that I want to sleep with them? Or am I just gay? Imagine how awkward it is, trying to explain this to my mom.

Killer’s Kiss


The time has come. I will no longer be safe anywhere I go. My friends have turned into enemies, harmless kisses turned into murders. The time has come for Killer’s Kiss.

I live with the most competitive people on campus. Tables have been flipped over a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. They not only want to win Killer’s Kiss, they want to win Most Kills. The pressure is on.

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UCU’s Cultural Oligarchy


Think of three words that define the UCU brand. Was ‘Internationality’ one of them? If it wasn’t, too bad, since this is a print article without a comment section and the question therefore purely rhetoric. However, let’s just assume you did.

The concept of internationality is deeply ingrained in UCU’s self-image. On the website, the Dean professes that we are an “international community of students from all over the world.” In a way, he is correct. Open one of your workspaces, look at the class list and count nationalities and/or where people have grown up. Chances are that you’ll be confronted with a large portion of students who indeed hail from all over the globe. Official UCU statistics (2015) put the percentage of students without Dutch nationality at roughly 30%. Add the double nationals and you’ll have a good 47%. Unique, right?

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