Campus is a cool place to beeeee!

By Emma Beroske & Lotte Wolff

As we all know, the bee population has been decreasing rapidly, threatening biodiversity and our very own agriculture. Enactus UCU hence decided to take action to help out their dire situation! Project Kom Erbij has been running for a year and a half now and successfully managed to set up two bee colonies last year.

We collaborate with the Salvation Army, to provide vocational rehabilitation to disadvantaged people, whilst simultaneously increasing the bee population. After a successful season and harvest, unfortunately our poor bees did not survive the winter.. But fear not! New bees are on their way, and they might even be coming to campus.

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“Don’t be afraid of my Moroccan driving teacher”


My driving teacher uses a typical Dutch saying that goes as something like ‘what a farmer doesn’t know, he doesn’t eat’. This could explain why the PVV does well in rural areas with little to no Muslim immigrants. Whereas in Amsterdam, the PVV only received 6,9% of the votes. In Rotterdam, however, the PVV was the second largest party.

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Across a Line Nobody Drew


Slowly, I scan the room, making a few evasive eye movements to throw him off the scent. It’s all subterfuge: I’ve long spotted a yellow tissue box under the coffee table.

“I spy with my little eye…,” I begin, “…something yellow.”

Consecutively, he points at a painting, a wall and some flowers, pronouncing their names with care. Grinning, I shake my head. This is a difficult one.

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Poster Wars


There was a time and day when posters were at the heart of political discourse. In an era before the internet and mobile phones, the quickest and easiest way to reach people was through posters on the street. Flash-forward from 1917 or 1968 to the twenty-first century, however, and it seems that paper, ink, and glue have been backgrounded by the noise of tweets, television, and the internet. In the run-up to the Dutch elections, the poster board placed outside of my student flat for poster campaigning remained so pristine, it was somewhat therapeutic. Each day, I could wait for the traffic and pretend for a minute that the Dutch had decided enough was enough. That they would not stand for a country with more political parties than fundamental differences.

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Do you believe in magic?


Dear Boomerang readers, I mostly write film and TV reviews but this time I’m going to do something different. I’m going to write about change.
About six months ago, I stood outside a tube station in London when a Jehovah’s Witness approached me and handed me a booklet wordlessly. I stood dumbstruck, but curiosity got the better of me so I opened the booklet and read through it. No, I didn’t convert, although a piece of the text from the booklet did catch my attention:

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THE IMPORTANCE OF REFLEXIVITY: Reviewing “Syr – A Reastaurant Review”

By Harry French

Prior to the Christmas break I wrote a review of the restaurant Syr for the Boomerang. This restaurant is run partly by refugees with residency status here in the Netherlands, and there need be no explanation as to why such a venue would be of interest to the students of UCU. However, following my writing of this review, I reviewed my own review and uncovered a dark mechanism of white, Western hegemony that I had not formerly recognised within myself or, moreover, I had not realised I was capable of.

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“I almost killed someone”

By Pepijn Vink

This year’s halfie group (only 23!) consists mostly of international students. With introweek being far behind, most of them have settled in. However, in a weird country like the Netherlands, crazy stuff is bound to happen. Every international student probably has a story from when they first arrived here, and every Dutch student has laughed at some of these stories. I interviewed a few new international students, and asked them about the weirdest thing they’ve experienced since coming to this country.

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