An Interview with Philosophy Professor and Admissions Officer Floris van der Burg


Although all of us have already been accepted to UCU, it is still interesting to know what exactly the admissions officers saw in us that gave us the opportunity to study here in the first place. With a current acceptance of about one in four and an ever-growing application pool, I was curious to know the criteria the admissions officers base their decisions on. Luckily, I was able to interview one of the head admissions officers, Floris van der Burg.

The first topic we discussed was grades. Grades are obviously important since they are evidence of a student’s past performances and the best indicator of future achievement.

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Behind the Scenes of PsychologyCo’s Cupid Tendencies

By Sara Schneemann

PsychologyCo made a Valentine’s Day questionnaire to make this ‘special’ celebration a bit less desperate for most of you. The general idea was the following: whether you’re searching for your soulmate or your new best friend, just fill in the survey and get matched! While this is a nice idea, it makes you wonder about the psychological background of the survey and the matching process. How reliable are the outcomes? I interviewed Ana Sutherland, a PsychologyCo boardmember, about what went on behind the scenes and the essentials for a successful relationship.

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“You Cannot Shut Me Up”

Interview with poet and spoken word artist Yakari Gabriel

By Laura Paloma

“That’s what we do in the Caribbean,” Yakari Gabriel says stirring sugar into her cappuccino. She has just paid for my coffee and I feel embarrassed because that was not the plan. She leads me through the bustling corridors of the Hogeschool Utrecht, the building next to “the Lego house” as she described it in her Facebook message, to a table where she is studying with her friends.

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An interview with Bas Defize

The graduating class may still remember a time when we received an email from Bas Defize almost daily. Thanks to a new intranet page for internship our mailboxes have been allowed to rest, but Bas certainly has not. As teacher, Career Development Officer, Chair of the College Council and Coordinator of the UCU in Africa programme he is involved in much that goes on around campus. The Boomerang decided it was time to get to know this busy bee.

By Fleur Zantvoort & Judith Harmsen


When I was 21…College Hall Edition Part I

By BA Ying Visser

Always wonder what College Hall staff members were like in their student life? Together with the CH staff we will hop back in a time machine to their student years, and reminisce about their ambitions, dreams, and adventures. The series kick-offs with Mark Baldwin, the Student Life Officer of UCU.

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‘To tell the stories I have to tell’

By Merel Blok

‘To tell the stories I have to tell’

Nabil Nabo fled to the Netherlands two years ago. As part of the InclUUsion project, he is currently taking a course in religious studies at UCU. Originally from Aleppo, he spoke to the Boomerang about the situation in Syria, his life in the Netherlands and his ambitions.

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