Being White Before Being a Woman. Being Rich Before Being Black and Latino.


It has been an incredible couple of months: Black lives Matter making the headlines, the rise of new aggressive stance of modern day feminism, society shifting towards removing the bigoted ideologies that persist in our society, or at least adopting a consensus that these ideologies are wrong.

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Serbia: A Growing Dictatorship in Europe’s Backyard?


Seeing the latest news report on your country’s elections in an Italian newspaper is interesting, especially when all the major domestic news and media outlets fail to report on it.

I know that most of you think that political repression in Serbia ended after the demise of Yugoslavia as well as the demise of the 90’s regime that came after. Perhaps your initial intuition won’t tell you there’s something odd about an already established Serbian Prime Minister , Aleksandar Vucic, running for president in Serbian Presidential elections of 2017, and gaining the absolute majority (over 50%) in the first circle of elections, thus securing his victory.

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Shooting the Messenger


Picture credits: Emad Hajjaj

May 3rd was a good day, for several reasons. Most importantly, it was apparently the birthday of quite a number of Facebook friends. Also, the sky was grey, yet it wasn’t raining. Not to mention the victory for Dutch football fans when Ajax embarrassed Lyon in Amsterdam. And I’m pretty sure there was something else…

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Is this the end of the French Socialist Party?


After the scandals concerning François Fillion and Marine Le Pen, it is now the socialist party’s turn to be front page news after the French Presidential elections. French newspapers are announcing the end of the Socialist Party. We may ask, is this an exaggeration of the press or is the Party truly breaking up?

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Hate Speech as Free Speech?


When mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, every now and then I see some far right activist being punched in the face by a far left activist. I’ll admit this is a guilty pleasure, but more interestingly, it always sparks a discussion on whether these extremist groups, deserve the space to say what they believe. In Western nation-states around the world, where democracy and certain freedoms are of utmost importance, freedom of speech is perceived as a fundamental right.

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