“Star Wars is My Style”

UCStyle: the Manolis Edition.

By Laura Paloma

“I fucking love Dining Hall” says Manolis as he shows me into his unit. The door of his room is covered in UCSA committee event posters, which he likes to collect for decoration. Only the nice ones though, because “some are just cringeworthy”. As he is choosing his favourite Star Wars apparel (a range of galaxy sweaters with Darth Vader prints, bought at H&M or comic book stores in the US), he tells me that he usually wears black and white oversized clothes. I ask about the high heels lying around – when does he wear them? “Oh, when I want to fuck with people’s perceptions of gender,” he responds, “or when it rains.” When Manolis is ready, we go outside to take the pictures. We discuss where to take them: “In front of Dining Hall or the Bar,” – his two favourite places on campus.

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Yoga: the secret to happiness?

By Jessica Evans Yoga has been a feature of Eastern cultures for more than 5000 years and over the last century it has seen a sharp rise in popularity in the West. Now there are an estimated 250 million practitioners of yoga worldwide, attracted by the discipline’s holistic approach to attaining physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Kim Lien runs UCU’s weekly drop-in classes on Tuesday … Continue reading Yoga: the secret to happiness?

Style ≠ Fashion?

“La mode passé, le style reste’’ –  Coco Chanel Last month we featured a piece about Laurence Herfs, a fashionista that uses not only clothes but art to express her style. That got us thinking… are clothes really necessary? Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting anyone runs around naked (unless you want to of course), but more questioning what it is that style really means. Does … Continue reading Style ≠ Fashion?