Campus is a cool place to beeeee!

By Emma Beroske & Lotte Wolff

As we all know, the bee population has been decreasing rapidly, threatening biodiversity and our very own agriculture. Enactus UCU hence decided to take action to help out their dire situation! Project Kom Erbij has been running for a year and a half now and successfully managed to set up two bee colonies last year.

We collaborate with the Salvation Army, to provide vocational rehabilitation to disadvantaged people, whilst simultaneously increasing the bee population. After a successful season and harvest, unfortunately our poor bees did not survive the winter.. But fear not! New bees are on their way, and they might even be coming to campus.

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Campus’s Missing Minority


In the past few months, issues of diversity and representation on campus have surfaced, including articles on gender equality and social class. These are popular and important concerns. However, there is one voice missing, and no one seems to notice: disability. This has been a difficult article for me to write, as I’ve had a sense of ‘systemic blackmail’ that comes from nowhere specifically. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” is common advice, and while this is not what I intend to do, I fear it may come across as such. . I want those who have helped me to know that I greatly appreciate everything they’ve done, and that I would be struggling if not for them. That said, this article is a commentary on my experiences and what I’ve noticed during my year as an exchange student at UCU.

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Thoughts on the Moustache

By MISCHA SIBBEL Picture credits: Remco Hodenius Eddie Bambrough published his ‘thoughts on the beard’ in the last Boomerang edition. Just like Eddie I have also grown some facial hair over the holidays. A goatee beard now ornaments my face. Originally I was just too lazy to shave, but then my twin sister grew to like the new look. She’s an artist so I trust … Continue reading Thoughts on the Moustache

Being White Before Being a Woman. Being Rich Before Being Black and Latino.


It has been an incredible couple of months: Black lives Matter making the headlines, the rise of new aggressive stance of modern day feminism, society shifting towards removing the bigoted ideologies that persist in our society, or at least adopting a consensus that these ideologies are wrong.

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Serbia: A Growing Dictatorship in Europe’s Backyard?


Seeing the latest news report on your country’s elections in an Italian newspaper is interesting, especially when all the major domestic news and media outlets fail to report on it.

I know that most of you think that political repression in Serbia ended after the demise of Yugoslavia as well as the demise of the 90’s regime that came after. Perhaps your initial intuition won’t tell you there’s something odd about an already established Serbian Prime Minister , Aleksandar Vucic, running for president in Serbian Presidential elections of 2017, and gaining the absolute majority (over 50%) in the first circle of elections, thus securing his victory.

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Shooting the Messenger


Picture credits: Emad Hajjaj

May 3rd was a good day, for several reasons. Most importantly, it was apparently the birthday of quite a number of Facebook friends. Also, the sky was grey, yet it wasn’t raining. Not to mention the victory for Dutch football fans when Ajax embarrassed Lyon in Amsterdam. And I’m pretty sure there was something else…

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