The Boomerang was established in 1998, even before the official opening of University College Utrecht and the establishment of its student association the UCSA. Now, as a University College Student Association publication, the Boomerang acts as an independent newspaper/magazine created by and for the  student body of University College Utrecht and the rest of the UCU community.

Our publication comes out monthly and features articles about campus life, global/local news, opinion pieces, features, UCstyle, Arts and Culture and more.

On an active campus with lively extracurricular life and advanced student organization, the Boomerang seeks to provide a platform for students to express their views, independently from their governing bodies and reflect on issues they deem relevant. Moreover, through our publication, we aspire to better inform the entirety of the  UCU community, stimulate awareness, encourage cultural engagement, critical thinking, discourse and debate.

Made possible by the support of the University College Student Association

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UCSA Website: www.ucsa.nl

University College Alumni Association: universitycollegealumniassociation.wordpress.com

The UCAA online magazine: www.talkingpost.org

University College Student Representatives Netherlands: www.ucsrn.nl

Anything published on this blog represents the writers´ opinions only and does not reflect official views of the UCU administration, unless an attributed quotation.