Thoughts on the Moustache


Picture credits: Remco Hodenius

Eddie Bambrough published his ‘thoughts on the beard’ in the last Boomerang edition. Just like Eddie I have also grown some facial hair over the holidays. A goatee beard now ornaments my face. Originally I was just too lazy to shave, but then my twin sister grew to like the new look. She’s an artist so I trust her on these kind of things. Plus I simply cannot refuse her anything ever, period.   Back to the moustache. It has definitely given me a more distinct look. I feel that people remember me more easily and recognize me from far away. Shaving it off at this point would cut my social network in half. On top of that their usual guess of Eastern European birth has changed to Italian. (I am actually plain Dutch) The change also gave rise to clever wordplay. My favourite Dining Hall guy now addresses me with ‘Maestro’ and my friends and family simultaneously invented the nickname ‘Mistache’. And its ‘Descartes’ now for my honours course. In his joyful piece, Eddie also touched upon the topic of ‘having game’. I suppose that a moustache has a polarizing effect there. For some persons it will be a no-go whilst others find it more attractive. So, from my personal experience, those that have a positive attitude will be quicker to step up to you. Improvement!

For the last summer months of my campus life I will keep it up, especially because of the visibility argument I mentioned before. Afterwards there is a good change that my  studies will bring me to Berlin. Whilst attending my twin’s EP release there I noticed few clean-shaven looks, so my goatee beard would blend in very well. Thus, it seems that my Masters application will determine whether or not I will carry on the moustache next year!

For my twin´s EP:


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