Being White Before Being a Woman. Being Rich Before Being Black and Latino.


It has been an incredible couple of months: Black lives Matter making the headlines, the rise of new aggressive stance of modern day feminism, society shifting towards removing the bigoted ideologies that persist in our society, or at least adopting a consensus that these ideologies are wrong.

We thought that we could finally be somewhat free of discrimination. Whilst racism, sexism, and colonization are fetishised, sexual assault entitled individuals exist, we thought that these people can no longer be open about their ill-founded, ignorant views.

With the end of slavery and apartheid, the first black president of the US, the rigorous efforts into gender equality and other incredibly large, although somewhat, “what the hell have we been doing this is so obvious” feats, we have seen ourselves progress.

The biggest progress we have had is not changing the views of some of the racists and sexists, but enlightening ourselves. Empowering ourselves to take a stand and object to discrimination, women can now publicly shame and stop sexual predators. In South Africa people of color are objecting the incredibly large Caucasian-owned private sector as well as protesting racial injustices. Obama’s change has been on the way.


With all of this progress, we thought that people would stop the same mistakes from happening time after time.

“The biggest progress we have had is not changing the views of some of the racists and sexists, but enlightening”

But we didn’t, a tiny handed, weirdly incestuous, orange gorilla resembling man who in fact shares the same misogynistic and mistrust of outsiders (racist) traits of a gorilla became a president.

For once, it is not ONLY the fault of the racist, misogynistic part of America. This time it also includes the 53 percent of White Women voters, eight percent of Black voters and the 29 percent Latino voters in favour of Trump.

For the Latino and Black vote, perhaps being rich is the factor that led to Trump’s success. As Dave Chappelle, comedian, commented after Trump won, “A black president came out of nowhere, like ‘Come on everybody, let’s start thinking about everyone else.’ Ah, n—-, I just got this money!”

Clearly the only reason any person of color that did not think Martin Luther King was an idiot would vote for the Apprentice boss, is because they are rich, and Trump helps the rich get richer. Does this make these Latino and African American trump supporters’ racist to their own race? I mean not all Trump supporters are racist, but racism is not a deal breaker for them, so for me, that is the same as being racist. Good job guys!

Furthermore, let’s think about this: 53 percent of white women voted for a man who believes that he can grab them by the Garfield. Were they asleep during the election process? Did they sleep through the process of gender equality? Did they have personal grudges with the countless brave strong women who have fought for these rights?

That’s what the irrational part of me says, however, I believe it is an increasing comment on the societal blindfolds still covering the perception of reality held by women today. The idea of voting what MY man voted for, a man whose IQ probably does not reach that of a primary school educated orange gorilla. Because men know what’s best right? It’s a culmination of years of oppression, and being lost in the system that one cannot see the problem to their gender of a president capable of sexual assault.

Or it is a combination of this as well as the fact that a patriarchal society is perhaps tolerable, as long as white privilege is around to help through the misogyny.


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