By Meike Eijsberg

Friday January 20th will go down in history as the first day of a new era. The following week was full of all kinds of controversial, sometimes highly amusing, usually cringe worthy news that broke from the White House at a never before seen rate. Here is a short recap.

Saturday, Trump’s first full day in the office, probably gave us our first taste of the next four years: a lot of shouting about ‘dishonest human beings’, which in this case referred to the media. He also paid a visit to the CIA to try and mend fences with the agency, which he maligned multiple times during his campaign. Meanwhile, one of the largest political demonstrations in history took place: the Women’s March in Washington DC. Ironically, but not entirely surprisingly, the march was attended by about twice as many people as the inauguration the day before. But the protests weren’t just limited to D.C. In fact, it was estimated by the ‘dishonest human beings’ that more than 2 million people around the world were protesting that day.
On Sunday, Trump took towards his beloved Twitter account to express his opinion on both the protests and his inauguration ratings. Expecting an entertaining rage, disappointment struck among many when the Tweeter-in-Chief simply dismissed the matter as ‘alternative facts’.

Trump’s first full day in the office probably gave us our first taste of the next four years.

On Monday and Tuesday, Trump, accompanied by Sean Spicer, revived his unfound claims that there were 3-5 million illegal votes cast in the 2016 election, which he blamed for losing the popular vote to Clinton. Obviously this was the only possible explanation.
Wednesday is when the much mocked, but nevertheless dreaded executive order on the ‘impassable physical barrier’ on the US-Mexico border was signed. Unfortunate as this order was, it wasn’t the only one Trump signed. Throughout the entire week, Trump had the uncontrollable need to put his signature on everything in his sight. Including, but not limited to: the undoing of Obama’s healthcare legacy, taking the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, banning abortion funding, and blocking inhabitants from seven Muslim majority countries from entering the US for 90 days.

Disappointment struck among many when the Tweeter-in-Chief simply dismissed the matter as ‘alternative facts’

On Thursday, all Trump did was continuing with whining about his small crowd sizes (yes, crowds, not his hands) and unleashing some rubbish on bringing back waterboarding. But on Friday, he let many of us breathe a huge sigh of relief when he held a joint conference with Theresa May, who reaffirmed Trump’s support for NATO. On the whole, it’s probably safe to say that it’s been quite a week. It’s true.


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