“Star Wars is My Style”

UCStyle: the Manolis Edition.

By Laura Paloma

“I fucking love Dining Hall” says Manolis as he shows me into his unit. The door of his room is covered in UCSA committee event posters, which he likes to collect for decoration. Only the nice ones though, because “some are just cringeworthy”. As he is choosing his favourite Star Wars apparel (a range of galaxy sweaters with Darth Vader prints, bought at H&M or comic book stores in the US), he tells me that he usually wears black and white oversized clothes. I ask about the high heels lying around – when does he wear them? “Oh, when I want to fuck with people’s perceptions of gender,” he responds, “or when it rains.” When Manolis is ready, we go outside to take the pictures. We discuss where to take them: “In front of Dining Hall or the Bar,” – his two favourite places on campus.

Describe your style in three words.

Oversized genderfuck geek.

Why Star Wars?

I am a walking Star Wars encyclopaedia (very high-key), and I love displaying it. This way people always have at least one thing to talk to me about!

What role does gender play in your style?

As much as I am cis-gendered, I display my style as gender non-binary. I find gender labels on clothing quite limiting of one’s self-expression through their attire, and therefore I avoid conforming to such a construct.    

What, in your opinion, is the biggest fashion faux pas?

Birkenstocks, or any slipper really, outside of one’s residence.

An accessory you never leave your unit without?

Positive attitude, hair tie, book and condom (don’t risk it, wrap your biscuit).

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My Wonder Woman onesie.  



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