Nosy Neighbour: the Stephanie Talbot Edition

By Tom Veltman

If you ever walk past K11, notice the Polish flag and an album by the Beach Boys hanging in a window. That’s how you know you’ve passed Stephanie Talbot’s room. Lovingly nicknamed ‘The Cave’ by her unit mates, her room is colourful and filled with items that the self-proclaimed hoarder has collected over the years. When she turns on her arrangement of strategically placed lights, the room really does turn into a starlight cavern of sorts. According to Stephanie, “You can never have too many posters”. You can best understand what she means when looking around the room: next to the door Audrey Hepburn is smoking a cigarette, under her, The Beatles are crossing the street in a single file. One of her walls is completely dedicated to an assortment of covers of her favourite magazine, NME,  featuring artists such as Kurt Cobain, John Lennon and The Clash. Little of her wall isn’t covered with either posters or mandalas. Her favourite mandala was a present from Jamie H. and comes from India. Stephanie sees the room as a reflection of herself. You can find decorative artefacts from her time growing up in Asia. Here and there we also see items reflecting her Polish and English roots. She doesn’t think she’ll ever be ‘done’ decorating. It is an ever on-going process. As she changes, so does the room. The only thing that will probably stay the same is the inevitable hell she has to go through, trying to fit all her ‘history’ into storage at the end of the year.  .



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