Gary Johnson: A Third Alternative?

By Thomas Scassellati Sforzolini

On November 8th 2016 the United States of America will decide who will be their 44th president. This office will almost certainly be won by either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Both candidates have a lot of baggage, but I am not going to waste the 600 words I have for this article discussing their flaws or trying to convince you why one candidate is better than the other. As a firm believer in political freedom and diversity I believe that people should vote for someone who reflects their views. This is why voting for a third party candidate, such as libertarian Gary Johnson, is a viable option.

Roughly 65% of voters do not believe their views to be accurately represented by either Clinton or Trump, yet the overwhelming majority is choosing them anyways, believing they are electing the lesser of two evils. Well, news flash, voting for the lesser evil still means you are voting for an evil. Why is the electorate doing this? In reality, there are many voters who would rather vote for a third party, but choose not to due to the common belief that there is no chance a libertarian or independent candidate could win. What if these 65% decided to not vote for either of the two “evils” but instead for Gary Johnson, the leading third party candidate? Suddenly, a vote for Gary Johnson is not a vote wasted; this is why everyone who does not like Trump or Clinton should consider voting for him. Before I continue, I would like to declare that the rest of this article is solely intended to convince voters to not pressure themselves into voting for either of the two major parties. A dissatisfied voter should vote according to their conscience, and, for a disgruntled voter, Gary Johnson is a legitimate and honest candidate to vote for.

Gary Johnson was the governor of New Mexico for the maximum two terms from January 1995 until January of 2003 and remains one of the most popular individuals to have ever served in this position. During his time as governor, Johnson vetoed a record number of bills from both Democrats and Republicans, which helped streamline New Mexico’s budget and lower its debt by limiting spending. From 2014 until January of 2016, he was the CEO of Cannabis Sativa Inc., a medical marijuana company. As a libertarian, Johnson is a fiscally conservative and socially liberal candidate. For one, Gary Johnson supports the legalisation and decriminalisation of marijuana due to his belief that marijuana is safer than alcohol. He also argues that drug addiction should be addressed as a health issue and not as a crime. Besides, he pledges to limit U.S deficit spending by limiting military spending, without raising taxes.

These are just some of Gary Johnson’s policies but if you are interested in learning more about this promising candidate, visit his website to see his stance on a wider variety of issues. To end with,  here is a quote that sums up his views on government: “government and its cost should be limited, and civil liberties and individual freedom must be protected — not threatened — by that government.”


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