UCSA Board 2016/2017 – Who are they?

By Deirdre van den Bos and Luana Gavan

The start of a new academic year also includes the start of a new UCSA board! Some of you might know all of them personally, some might know their names and some might have no idea who they are or what they do. Whatever your knowledge is, it does not matter, because after reading this, you will know everything about them!

Thijs Ringelberg

Meet the Chair of the UCSA! Born and raised in the Netherlands, Thijs is a Humanities major with a focus on Philosophy (possibly) together with Performance Studies. He loves to watch “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, although he  has not  seen it in ages and his  favourite song is “Life on Mars” by David Bowie, because both are a “play between what is real and what is not”. As for his  favourite dining hall food, burgers. He does, however, advise us to stay away from the wraps because “I am sure  they are just badly mutated caterpillars”. He loves the finals party, no matter what the theme is. He also lets us know that the best place in town for a party is the IBB, a student complex that throws some amazing house parties!

Sophie van Dijk

Sophie is a Dutchie born in Breda, who’s got a love for Performing Arts, despite her majoring in Anthropology and Psychology. She wanted to become Secretary so that she could give something back to campus, and loves to “Shake it off” to Taylor Swift’s tunes. In her free time Sophie makes music, reads, travels, or gets annoyed by “trucks who try to overtake each other on the highway”. She even confessed to owning funky socks with separate toes and was kind enough to let us in on one of the best kept campus secrets – the dishwasher guy is actually really nice.

Bart Schermers

Born in The Netherlands, Bart is majoring in Economics and Geography, and is the treasurer of the UCSA. His favourite movie is The Big Lebowski, simply for the reason that  it is funny, and he would love to visit Chernobyl because “I would love to see what happens to a place when all humans leave and nature takes over again.” In his free time, he loves to sleep (who does not?) and enjoys going to La Fontana, a pizzeria in town. His favourite party is the Silent Disco and his wildest UCU adventure includes accidentally locking the media room safe and not knowing how to open it. As for the best kept campus secret: “what’s under the UCSA’s meeting room table…”

Carolina Silva

Born in Portugal, our enthusiastic CAO is a Social Science major, studying Law, Geography, and Anthropology. She declares herself to be an “everything Kanye”-fan (who can blame her?). She wishes to visit Brazil one day, and experience her language in another context. In her free time Carolina is “Keeping up with the Kardashians” or visiting the biological fries store in town; in between her love for the yearly Beach Party and the adventure of somehow biking back home from it. She is always ready with good advice in form of her favourite quote: “No matter how drunk you are, stay conscious”.

Louis Parker

Our British CAO, Louis, was born in Cambridge, and is passionate about Urban Geography and International Relations. An admirer of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” and “Frank” albums, Louis spends his free time cooking, training on the bike or experiencing the Dutch food culture at the Friday farmers’ market in Vredenburg. When asked about his favourite party, Louis nostalgically mentioned the G unit “’G Spot’ party waaay back first year”. He is one of the lucky few who have managed to get a Dining Hall exemption, however he still has a soft spot for croquettes, and is as friendly as ever. True to form, he asked whether we could inform the readers that they can pop by the UCSA office during office hours for free coffee and tea.

Manon Peek

Manon is a Dutchie who is majoring in Anthropology and Human Geography with an interest in Development Studies. She became a CAO so that she can wear a fancy suit with a good excuse. She also thinks that helping committees and improving campus is fun! In her free time she loves watching Nicholas Sparks movies, eating at de Ontdekking (lunch / breakfast bar in town) and going camping. She also says she wants to go to Canada to cuddle bears and Justin Trudeau. Her favourite party is the Beach party,  especially the one where the BPA was filled with sand. Her wildest UCU adventure included trying to extinguish a fire in G that did not happen to be a fire (so what was it??).


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