Lean, Mean and Green: Jill Stein is the Radical Female President America Needs

By Justin Macdowell

In the coming weeks, American students abroad will receive their respective state’s absentee ballot for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Each state will have an array of ballot questions, ranging from marijuana legalization to charter school expansion, down-ballot candidates running for governor, senator, and House representative. While voter turnout has declined since Barack Obama took office in 2008 (the 2014 midterms were at a dismal 36%), this election is expected to see an increase based on the Republican primary’s historic turnout. Who should you vote for?

The Republican nominee, Donald Trump, is nothing short of a future war criminal. He has vowed to bring back torture and to engage in acts “much stronger than waterboarding”. When asked about confronting Daesh in Syria and Iraq, he said he would turn against the “politically correct war” the Obama coalition is conducting and “take out their families”. Infamously, he stated he would “bomb the s*** out of ISIS”.

Although intentionally killing civilians is a war crime, Trump assured us that the military is “not going to refuse me – believe me”. He recently promised he would dramatically expand the U.S. military and their worldwide presence under the slogan “Peace through Strength”, a phrase ripped straight from Ronald Reagan’s successful 1980 campaign.

Infamously, he stated he would “bomb the s*** out of ISIS”

Hillary Clinton, the Democrat’s nominee, is a well-established war criminal proudly fighting for the neoliberal cause. As head of Obama’s first State Department, she fought tooth and nail to cut the Haitian minimum hourly wage in half to $0.31 on behalf of the garment industry, orchestrated the 2009 Honduras coup d’état and deported nearly all of the unaccompanied Honduran children who fled to the US as a result of the coup, exporting fracking worldwide, supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP until it was a liability, and masterminded the violent overthrow of Gaddafi’s Libya creating a vacuum for Daesh to prosper. Who could also forget she was opposed to same-sex marriage until 2013?   Wikileaks also confirmed through leaks most likely provided by Russia that her Democratic Party tipped the scales in her favour to dismantle her challenger independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, currently polled as the most popular US politician.

Who could possibly think there is a “lesser of two evils” in this election when both major party candidates appear to be on an equally deplorable level? Even if you believe one is worse than the other – American favouribility ratings for both are historically low – why not vote for a candidate that represents the greater good?

It’s time to vote with one’s conscious and not out of fear or hatred for the other candidate

This is why I insist on voting for the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein. The Green Party (GPUSA) is the only “third party” without ties to Big Oil, Big Agro, Big Pharma and Wall Street interests. Stein, a Harvard Medical School magna cum laude graduate and professor wants to switch from practicing clinical medicine as a physician to practicing political medicine as president of the United States, and I think she has the cure.

Jill has a radical platform – far more radical than Democrat sheep dog Bernie Sanders. Her proposed Green New Deal would “create 20 million jobs by transitioning to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030, and investing in public transit” and involve a “Just Transition” for workers leaving fossil fuel industries for Greener pastures. She wants to replace our current voting system with full public election financing, ranked-choice voting, proportional representation and open debates.

The Green Party (GPUSA) is the only “third party” without ties to Big Oil, Big Agro, Big Pharma and Wall Street interests

Cutting the military in half is also crucial for us as taxpayers – right now 50% of all our taxes fund the military industrial complex. Stein, in a recent CNN Town Hall mentioned that the rest of the world’s collective base tally is around 30 while the US alone is estimated to have over 800 military bases worldwide. And while Hillary says $12 is a perfect minimum wage and Trump says present wages are far too high, Stein’s proposal for a federal $15 minimum wage is welcomed news to American workers. Did I mention she’d pass a law for open presidential debates?

It’s time to vote with one’s conscious and not out of fear or hatred for the other candidate. Say no to Clinton. Say no to Trump. Vote Dr. Jill Stein on November 8th and register with GPUSA today.



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