To anyone, anywhere,

Before you lies the first edition of the Boomerang of the academic year 2016-2017. 2016-2017 has a scary ring to it; I once started UCU as class of 2016 ½, and now the time for me and my fellow halfies to don our caps has almost come. But before I venture into the real world of scary possibilities (or, more likely, become “that alumna” that can still be seen around the bar way too often), I find myself bestowed with the honour of Editor-in-Chiefdom. Part bustling with excitement, part petrified with terror, I need to thank my predecessor Grace Hardman for doing such a terrific job and for trusting me with what is undeniably the most influential position on campus. I solemnly swear that in her footsteps, I will continue to spread wisdom and scandal throughout our little bubble in my own version of organised chaos.

We have grand plans for the future of The Boomerang. As our social world increasingly plays out in the realms of the virtual, journalism is scrambling to keep pace. It is self-evident that the Boomerang may not lag behind, so that we must direct our efforts towards digitalisation and saving trees. By the time you read this, we hope to have revamped our website (ucsaboomerang.wordpress.com) and perhaps the first articles will be available for you to procrastinate with. Together with a renewed effort to popularise BoomerangTV, we are ready to finally enter the realms of the twenty-first century.

If flashy technology is not enough to entice you, perhaps our newfound commitment to “edginess” will. Not only will we be edgier, we will be edgier and more campus-oriented. This means more campus-related content, but also more concern for what students actually want to read. I hope this issue already represents some of the changes that will hopefully become more deeply felt as the year progresses: more interviews, more creative content and better editing (maybe).

On a more serious note, the main theme of this issue centres around well-being on campus, an issue of much converse and controversy in the past years. Now that it has been repeatedly brought into the limelight, I think we are well past whistleblowing and sensationalism. Without seeking to discount the seriousness of the issue, through interviews with a variety of actors and the preliminary results of the Wellbeing Team’s survey, we focus on what we can do to further strengthen what I believe at heart is a wonderful and loving community.

As you continue to leaf through the pages, you will discover an eclectic mixture of witchcraft, poetry and non-political politics. At the hand of our experienced writers, we introduce you to the new UCSA board, delve into the dynamics of campus fraternities and sororities and explore the land beyond the central station. Serious concerns are raised regarding the lack of sexual consent classes at UCU, and the ups and downs of off-campus living are explored. We look at UCU through the eyes of an alumna, and question the future of Uzbekistan.

Before I leave you to explore this wondrous world, I wish to take this opportunity to welcome Judith Harmsen (Executive Editor), Clemens Schally (Managing Editor), Juste Jaseviciute (Communications Officer), Laura Paloma (Creative Director) and David Meijer (Multimedia Director) onto the board, where they will be joining Henry Fersko (Executive Editor) and myself. I cannot express how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such a passionate and talented bunch of people, and I am sure that each will leave their own irreplaceable mark upon The Boomerang.

Yours wholeheartedly,

Fleur Zantvoort, Editor-in-Chief


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