Committee Corner

Hello UCU, we are the Wellbeing Team.

The initiative to set up this team arose after the Wellbeing Focus Month in 2015, as we realised that it is necessary to promote awareness and understanding of our role as students in our own and others’ well-being. A year later, we have established ourselves on the UCU campus, and we are ready to introduce ourselves to you.

The team consists of five students: Maritt Overkamp (Chair), Femke Roelofs (Secretary), Claire Kaula (Treasurer), Joy Dekkers (Communications Officer) and Feras Wahab (PR Manager). The overall aim of the Wellbeing Team is to increase general well-being of UCU students by identifying problems, stimulating awareness, empowering students and working on community atmosphere with the help of the Management Team and academic staff whenever it is necessary. We work closely together with the UCSA, College Hall and other parties but we remain independent from any other (student) body. We are striving towards a community in which values like mutual respect, social cohesion, constructive dialogue and personal development are embraced by all students.

Over the past months we have been busy creating and analysing the Wellbeing and Mental Health Survey that was filled in by so many of you. This survey was set up with the aim of getting an initial impression of the overall well-being and mental health status of UCU students. It was aimed to serve as a starting point for further research and future initiatives.

By the time you read this, we have probably organised the Wellbeing Week with the theme “Awareness”. The intention of this week is to collaborate with students, committees, staff members and alumni to address awareness around topics including physical, mental, social and sexual wellbeing – as well as personal growth. We believe that the focus on awareness and provision of information is highly important, therefore we have been working together with various parties on improving the information available to students related to topics such as wellbeing and sexual health – e.g. where to get tested for STI’s.

As we are still evolving our role on campus, we would love to get your feedback on our activities thus far and input and ideas on how we can procede: help us, help you!


The UCU Wellbeing Team


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