Luxembourg Delegate Held by ISIL

by Omar Nür-Nathoo

The United Nations Security Council was interrupted to be presented with news of the abduction of the Luxembourg Delegate by ISIL. 

The Luxembourg government were made aware of the events that transpired in Jordan last night, but chose to withhold the from the United Nations until now, prompted by the release of a video showing the Islamic State holding the delegate hostage. US intellegince has confirmed this, and have traced the missing delegate to ISIS (Islamic State in Syria) territory.

The Security Council had just passed a resolution that had, in the words of the Jordanian delegate, hoped to ’begin a continous process to eliminate IS and wipe them out completely.’ Among the first to speak out against the deplorable state of affairs, the Jordanian delegate expressed grave concern of the infringement of her nation’s borders by ISIL.

However, the incident has prompted greater cooperation, with the United States, Britain and France who all expressed the desire to cooperate with the murderous Assad regime- an issue which had emerged as a thorn in diplomatic negotations.

Of some concern is the number of secret special forces that various NATO members seem to have already in the area that have refrained from engaging against ISIS. This has begged questions from the international community over their purpose in these nations. Though this was quickly caked over by France- Jordan’s former colonial oppressors- who declared:“these terrorists must be chased to the gates of hell.”

This rhetoric was shot down by the representative for Luxembourg, who has joined the Security Council in order to aid in discussion, stating that quicker, more realistic, and more diplomatic measures should be considered. This, however was ignored by the Council who proceeded to hold a moderated caucus to develop an extraction plan.


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