Delegate of Luxembourg Executed by ISIL

by Omar Nür-Nathoo

Delegate of Luxembourg prior to his execution (!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/isis.jpg)

In a somber statement made by the Secretary General, it was announced that the American Navy Seals who had been tasked with retrieving the abducted Delegate of Luxembourg had failed. 

The execution took place haphazardly as the ISIL forces realised Navy Seals were attempting to storm the compound in which the UN Official was held. The attempt took place a mere twenty seconds prior to the time in which the execution was planned to occur. The United Nations Security Council were informed roughly ninety minutes ago, and had been debating what measures ought to be taken since.

China have blamed weak Jordanian forces on the Jordan-Iraq border for the infiltration of ISIL forces in Jordan that enabled the kidnapping of the Luxembourgish Delegate. However, many experts have pointed to the gross levels of bureaucracy that delayed action, and thus preventing calculated action which, arguably, may have succeeded in ensuring the safe return of the Luxembourgish Delegate.

The Security Council carry on…


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