Serene unmoderated caucus follows into heavy debate

by Ivo Tarik de Vries

During an unmoderated caucus, all but three delegates of the Security Council joined together to swiftly discuss the appropriate measures to take to extract the Luxembourg delegate out of ISIL territory.

By the end of this there was a general agreement, according to the delegate of the United States, to first find the location of the Luxembourg delegate, observing the defences of ISIL in the surrounding area, and knowing how far the best troops are from this area.

In the moderated caucus that followed however, there was some contention about this agreement however. The delegate of Russia raised its opinion that it might be incautious to send troops to the area and share information of where the Luxembourg delegate might be. The delegate of Iraq posited a tactic to send troops in as means to finding the location of the Luxembourg delegate. The delegate of the US notified that it received information on a number of locations, and proposed to use a similar tactic as that killed Osama Bin Laden – Neptune Spear. The delegate of Syria disagreed, saying that the previous mission of killing OBL took years of planning.

The delegate of Jordan broke the bickering by saying that action must be taken soon. The delegate of the US agreed with this. Despite this, the delegate of France made clear that any action taken must be taken with severe caution – civilians must be kept safe. The delegate of Chad agreed to this, as did the delegate of Russia. “We must take action now,” was the delegate of Jordan’s immediate rejoinder.

The delegates currently have less than twenty minutes to find a coherent decision.


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