US Slaps Down Victims of ISIL in Security Council

by Omar Nür-Nathoo

American delegate callously dismisses the concerns of Iraqi and Syrian delegates, during a heated debate in the United Nations Security Council.

The exchange occurred during a moderated caucus pushed forward by the United States on banning the sale of ISIL oil. From the outset, it transpired that the US has already struck deals with Russia in order to ensure support for a ban. As the conversation progressed, the delegate for Iraq raised concerns over the jurisdiction of the Security Council to impose financial penalties on ISIS, suggesting that involvement from the Council might lead to greater military action which put the infrastructure of Iraq at risk. The delegate proceeded to enquire about aid to help rebuild Iraq after American airstrikes targeting ISIL had decimated much of Northern Iraq.

Following the delegate of Iraq, the delegate for Syria took the floor to echo similar concerns. Citing the refusal of America to work in cooperation with the Syrian government against ISIL, the delegate proceeded to ask if the US, or international community, would offer reparation payments to cover damage caused to Syrian infrastructure by illegal American airstrikes.

Rather than respond to the concerns raised by the delegates of Iraq and Syria, the Delegate for the US, leaping out of his seat, interrupted the debate to raise a point of order to berate the delegates for talking about illegal US air strikes.

Although the vice-chair, Benyamin Stevanovich, took great courage to reject the United States’s outlandish claim, the callous attitude with which the US delegate disregarded his supposed allies draw ire from the Council.

It has been suggested that the USA’s violent action against ISIL-controlled oil fields is in order to prevent ISIL oil driving down the price of American shale gas. However, the establishment of a coalition with Russia will come as some surprise, as the US has been a leading proponent of tightening sanctions on Russia following their illegal invasion of Ukraine.


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