UNCTAD on sharing innovation

by Ivo Tarik de Vries

During a moderated caucus, the delegate of France proposed a platform to be created through which private sector entities from different countries could share innovative technology with other members.

It would allow developing countries’ businesses to have a role at the forefront of innovation – a certain equality of opportunity.

However, the delegate of Paraguay posited that her country’s private sector would have less to offer to the platform than a more developed country. The delegate of France further clarified the concept by saying that if some technologies are found to be profitable to the private sector, they must be shared between the member entities. An incentive to join.

The delegate of Sweden then raised his placard and questioned how willing business leaders in developed countries would be to the idea of sharing patents.

The delegate of Italy, Poland, Israel, Yemen, Honduras, and Vanuatu spoke out their positions and reasoning towards France’s proposition, either for or against.

The contention also continued into a divergent discussion on tax incentives for major companies to join the platform. Before leaving for lunch, the delegate of Honduras requested fifteen minutes to revise the different opinions, and what the delegates could agree on.


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