China: Syria is “a Hopeless Case”

by Omar Nür-Nathoo

China has broken rank to leave Russia isolated in support of Syrian involvement in military coalition against ISIS.

China pivoted to act as broker between Russia and the United States of America regarding Syria’s involvement in coalition military action against the Islamic State in Syria. “The one thing we all agree on is that ISIS must be defeated,” the delegate for China declared, adding that it was “a fact” that Syria could not be involved in the coalition.

Syria’s involvement in a new ‘coalition of the willing’ has been a major clash within the United Nation Security Council, with the United States of America- set to lead the coalition- strongly opposing the involvement of Bashar al-Assad’s regime. However, the delegates for Russia and Syria have eloquently defended their position, arguing that military intervention in Syria without the involvement of the Syrian government  tantamounts to an infringement of national sovereignty.

It was at this point that the delegate for China, who had previously been silent on the matter, took the floor to make a calculated move to act as broker between its ally Russia and the US-led coalition. However, upon failure to find compromise with Syria- resulting in the delegate referring to them as “a hopeless case”- China turned its attention to Russia- who hold the power to veto Security Council resolutions.

The case was also made that Syria’s knowledge of both the country and ISIS- who they have been fighting against for the past three years- would be vital if the international community wanted to dispatch of ISIS swiftly, and with minimum damage. The response from the United Kingdom was unflinching: “moral integrity” trumps practicality.

However, the anti-Syrian stance spearheaded by the United States, United Kingdom and France was, however, dealt a massive blow when the delegate for Nigeria pointed out that almost half of the Security Council (many of whom the United States had expressed a desire to work with), are considered authoritarian regimes actively breaching human rights- the same charge levelled by the United States against Syria as explanation for their stance- thus exposing and cementing the previously-alluded to hypocrisy to which the ‘coalition of the willing’ had little by way of effective rebuttal.


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