Questions and Tea with ASC

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Warning: This will not be about academics

We all know what the three letters in the acronym stand for and where their office is, but how much do we really know about our 2014-2015 ASC board members? After sitting down to a warm cup of tea in one of the comfy chairs of the ASC office with a set of question to ask, I have found out some very interesting things about this year’s new board members and I can tell you that they are a wonderful bunch.

Background Information

Laura, Chair of ASC is from a small town in the Netherlands called Zoetermeer, which is famous for having the ugliest central train station in Holland after appearing on Dutch TV – Utrecht Centraal is currently ranked number 1. Vincent, Student Assessor from Hengelo is half Turkish and half Argentinian. He also claims that you can find the best ice cream in Hengelo, as well as FC Twente’s home ground. Niaz, Academic Affairs Officer for Science thinks his hometown of Karachi, Pakistan, is quite charitable and agrees with the rest of the board that if Laura had the option, she would become chair of the world. Ella, Academic Affairs Officer was born in Munich and is from Hengelo. Marc, Academic Affairs Officer for Social Science was born in Bordeaux and also lived in Prague. When asked if he thinks that Bordeaux is the best city in France he replied, “Obviously, because I was born there.”

Background Questions

Describe ASC in one sentence:

Vincent: Bringing the student opinion to where the decisions are made.

Niaz: ASC knows everything about your education that you either know right now or will know in the future, and does its best to represent the student body.

Marc: We party all the time… not really; we are there to help you with academics.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Marc: Running a 10K race whilst being completely hungover from the night before.

Ella: When I was in high school, we really didn’t like one teacher, so we got a fish and put it in his drawer. It was right before the Christmas holidays, so when we he came back after the break there was a dead fish in his drawer.

Vincent: Um… I shaved my hair off.

Name a unique talent you have that you are proud of:

Laura: I can touch my nose with my tongue.

Ella: I can crack my neck and hug people.

Vincent: Giving surprise lectures about the meaning behind peoples’ profile pictures.

Niaz: I can curve my fingers backwards into an arc.

If you had a year to do anything what would it be?

Niaz: I would breed koalas and sell them on the black market because they are so nice!

Niaz (serious): Be a monk because I’m an impatient person and teach myself to be more patient.

Vincent: Spend a year in China and learn Chinese.

Ella: Climb a mountain!

Laura: Read all the philosophy books written by Wittgenstein.

Marc: I would teach English in a foreign country like Vietnam or India.

If you could be reincarnated into an ice cream flavour, which would it be?

Laura: I would be yogurt because it is traditional and can go with a lot of other flavours, definitely not mocha, chocolate or coffee.

Vincent: Chocolate because the flavour is not too exotic but realistic.

Niaz: I would be either a very concentrated coffee ice cream or pineapple because the flavour is fresh.

Ella: Orange Cardamom?

If you could learn to do anything what would it be?

Marc: I would learn to shape-shift.

Vincent: I would learn to sing!

Laura: Shape the future but not see it.

So back to the subject, what exactly do you do in ASC?

We make sure that the curriculum at UCU has what the students want through focus groups with tutors. We appreciate the constructive criticism students’ give of courses. We also have meetings with tutors and college hall to bring the student voice into action.

How can people on campus get more involved in ASC?

Laura and Niaz: Come visit us in our office, our events, and workshops and you should also never underestimate the power of course evaluations. They hold a much stronger say than individual students complaints.

Laura: There is recent student designed honours course that has taken shape, and we now have a new educational track for students.

Any final remarks?

Niaz: Yes, ASC is your overlord. Respect us, love us, and revere us.


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