Biting Cookies with the UCSA

text by Deirdre van den Bos and Juliette Etty / image via

The beginning of a new college year includes the installment of a new UCSA Board! Perhaps you already are well-acquainted with the entire board, perhaps you have only seen them during the election speeches and the posters spread around campus. Some of you might not even have seen them at all and have no idea who they are. Not that it really matters; they are more than willing to present themselves in the Boomerang, so everyone will get to know the enthusiastic six that represent the UCSA.

Gustaaf is the chair of the UCSA Board, whose favourite place to eat is KebabPaleis. No, actually it is ‘Broodje Mario’, but he thought it was worth mentioning. He carries the overall responsibility for the association, thus he has to negotiate with different people. He is interested in diplomacy and loves sharing and listening to stories, which ties in perfectly with his duties as chair. Besides stories, he enjoys laughing, smiling and cracking (literal) jokes and mentions: “I really like the train rides to The Hague because – and you know you do this too – I get to stare out the window, listen to music and evaluate life as if I am in majoring in Lifology.” His favourite band is REM, and advises us: “A posse ad esse”.

Clem is the treasurer of the UCSA. When asking her what it exactly entails she says:
“I’m in charge of keeping track of all revenues and expenditures of the association.” (BarCo, anyone?). You might have seen her election posters on campus, a campaign that she acknowledges as “a (probably) over-the-top campaign which I enjoyed very much!” She loves to bake, and takes photos of her creations afterwards, sharing them on her blog. Naturally she enjoys watching the Great British Bake Off, and going to any place in town that serves “frothy cappuccinos and creamy cheesecakes”. Besides her love for food and baking, she likes to explore the cities in The Netherlands during the weekends. On top of that, her favourite movie is Begin Again because of the “amazing soundtrack”.

Catheleine is the UCSA Board’s secretary. She is in charge of taking minutes every meeting and proudly presented us with her record: 3000 words for a 3,5 hour meeting. She is also the chair of the Campus Life Forum. After UCU, she thinks she might go into diplomacy work, but she is not sure yet. In her spare time she reads a lot, watches movies, and spends too much time on IMDB and Youtube. In the weekends she goes home often, since that is only twenty minutes from UCU (who can ignore the call of free food, after all…) As for going to town, she recommends Lebowski, and especially the huge stuffed giraffe they own.

Meike is one of the CAO’s, which basically means she, like Haris and Juliette, is the connection between the UCSA Board and the committees and monitors campus life. Other than with the UCSA, she fills her days with baking, cooking, hanging out with friends, and watching series and movies. She is highly addicted to the Harry Potter movies and series like Orange is the New Black. Moreover she mentions having a slight addiction to the Sims. During weekends she likes to sleep in, to “recharge my batteries for the rest of the week,” she adds. Her favourite foods are sushi, raspberry ice cream and skittles. Oh, and if anyone is looking for a pizza place, Basta Cosi apparently serves the best pizza in town, or in her words: “they’re soooo good!”

Juliette ran for UCSA Board last spring, after helping out with the UCSA Lustrum Festival that year. Currently she is one of the CAO’s. She represents the committees in the UCSA Board and ensures they run smoothly and efficiently. Juliette loves listening to music, whatever she is doing, except when she is showering (guess she does not like singing herself?). In the weekends she is blessed with the “Almighty OV”, so she travels a lot within Holland. Amsterdam is most impressive, though. Her advice during your stay at UCU? Get involved! It sounds corny and she knows it, but it will make or break your experience at UC, according to her.

Haris is the last CAO of the Board. He tries to guide his committees mostly and, like the other CAOs, takes on other tasks, such as forming the teams or looking into new events. After UCU he is planning to become a doctor. He is addicted to TV shows (he admits to maybe having a problem…) and loves being on the UCSA Board. On the weekends he likes hanging out with other people; as long as that is the case, it will be fine. His favourite movie is Easy A (and not because of Emma Stone), and in town he loves the balcony of the V&D. He wants to share the thought: “Be yourself and don’t worry about what other people think of you.” Last, he just wanted to say: “Guus, Cat, Clemmie, Jules and Meik: I love you guys!”

So, here we are. Just some last words from Gustaaf: “Come by the office for a chill session with REM music, some (paid-for) Dining Hall food or any ideas you have regarding our Association!” And apparently we should not be afraid of them biting, as Catheleine told us, but we actually might get some cookies to bite in ourselves…


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