The Musical, Auditioning and all that Jazz

By Celine Douet

I entered the BPA with the sort of rush you get from jumping off a 25 metre building in extreme sports. This was it. The day that every single aspiring UCU actor had been waiting for. Nerves thumping through my body as we all assembled in a circle facing the judges table. “Guys, I would like you to pick a mood and introduce yourself in that particular manner.”

 Alright, think of something, quick. I strode forward, inhaled, and transformed into a hyperactive twelve year old on too much Redbull. “HELLO MY. NAME IS. CELINE AND I. AM. VERY. HYPER.” Something in that instant made me forget about my nerves – I was on a sugar high, intoxicated by drama.

The rest of the audition was  smoothly divided into acting and singing parts with a short oestrogen-releasing dance to “All That Jazz” in between. We were to form groups of either two or three. I paired up with a short brown haired girl and we began singing a cappella to “I like the daffodils”. Eventually all five groups sang in canon, walking around the room either whispering or bellowing passionately about daffodils, flowers, the grassy fields, and mountains.

“We were prancing about the room like a psychopath plotting their next kill”

In another highly amusing part of the audition, we were given slips of paper with a situation to act out. Ours was a mother wanting her daughter to come out of the closet for being gay. Although, the daughter was actually homophobic and quite infuriated at her mother for thinking the contrary.

Other situations included pretending to wear florescent vibrating underwear while being aroused, having an animated pregnancy, and prancing about the room like a psychopath plotting their next kill.

With almost 50 people auditioning for acting and singing roles, Chicago has proven to be one of the most popular musicals at UCU. Lieke van Tooren, chair of the musical team, explains the hardest part for the judges is “knowing that there were so many people that could have been potentially brilliant and you just didn’t get to see it when judging.”

I was on a sugar high, intoxicated by drama.

However, all judges agreed that everyone auditioning performed at an extremely high level, making selection difficult. Even Britte de Groot, vocal coach, was impressed at just how well people could sing. All in all, the experience was wonderful and if you still don’t know what Chicago is about, prepare to be blown away by fabulous dances, singing and, of course, sexy underwear.


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