Top 10 Ways To Get You Into The Christmas Spirit

By Meera Rajasooriar

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling pretty Christmassy and rather festive since about March. Christmas is easily my favourite time of the year because everything looks prettier draped in sparkling fairy lights, and the entire season oozes joy and happiness due to quality time spent with loved ones. As the leaves turn to hues of yellow and orange signalling the end of Autumn, my excitement levels rise to new highs knowing that Christmas is around the corner. So I have compiled a list of a few things that you could try, which I like to do to prepare for the festive season and get myself into the Christmas spirit.

  1. Make a new Christmas CD to play on repeat in the next couple of weeks approaching Christmas day. You’ll have a great time searching for all of your favourite festive tunes, and you’ll have an even better time dancing around your room and singing along. It’s the ideal way to remember old traditions whilst finding new ways to make the season brighter. You could even make one for a friend or family member as a cheap and cheerful home-made Christmas present for them to enjoy.

  2. Hire an oven from the UCSA board to make the perfect Christmas dinner with your unit mates. Put your apron on and do your best to channel Delia Smith. To add an extra touch, decorate the dinner table with candles, party poppers and Christmas crackers to make it feel like you’re celebrating Christmas a couple of weeks early. The edibles of Christmas are an integral part of what makes the season so special, so make the most of it!

  3. Decorate your unit with everything Christmassy you can find for inspiration and to help you get into that festive spirit, embracing all things red and green. Invest in some fairy lights from HEMA, adorn the staircase with some sparkly tinsel and make some paper snowflakes to stick to the windows in anticipation of the snow that we are all hoping will fall to make it a white Christmas.

  4. Close your eyes (after reading this step) and imagine your best Christmas ever, whether it was when you were 4 and finally got that beach Barbie you so desperately wanted, or last year when your parents bought you your first car. Now bear with me. I know it sounds ridiculously cheesy and you might be thinking ‘why on earth would I do that?!’ but it will help to recreate the warm and fuzzy feelings surrounding Christmas when you were younger and the magic of Santa Claus was new.

  5. Venture off campus in your warmest coat and hat to a Christmas market. Feel the warmth flow through your body as your fingers curl tightly around a cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine and amble through the market buying all sorts of brilliant Christmassy things. If that doesn’t get you in the Christmassy mood, you’re a lost cause, Grinch!

  6. Buy a new Christmas jumper that you can proudly show off in your next class, or wear it to your first exam to make finals week seem that little less depressing (if at all possible). The more cluttered it is with reindeers, Christmas baubles and snowflakes, the better! At this time of year, the shops are heaving with an assortment of Christmas jumpers so head off campus for the afternoon and procrastinate whilst searching for the top Christmas jumper for 2013.

  7. Buy an advent calendar for yourself so you can count down the days to Christmas with a little chocolate treat to look forward to everyday. As we’ve already hit December they will be on sale almost everywhere so what are you doing still sitting here? Get on your bike and head to the shops for your advent calendar hunt!

  8. Spend an afternoon getting creative and making some Christmas cards for your loved ones with some festive bits and bobs from the local craft store. Get inventive and see how many different styles you can make. For a personal touch, add a picture of you in your best Christmas get up on the front to show your friends and family just how excited you are about this special season.

  9. For me, and essential part of my childhood preparation for Christmas involved watching Christmas movies whenever I got the chance, so snuggle up in your bed with a warm beverage in hand, ready to watch one of your favourites. A few personal beloveds include Home Alone, Elf, The Holiday and the classic that is Miracle on 34th Street.

  10. We all know that Christmas is the season for giving, so why not extend your reach to some local charities. Whether this is by donating your time to volunteer at a shelter or by passing on a few items around your room that you no longer need, try to give to those who are less fortunate. You will learn that it is in giving that you truly receive, and it’s the best way to embrace this element of Christmas.


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