Committee Corner: The Invisibility Special

By Marijn ter Bekke

Our lovely campus has 36 committees, all enriching our lives here. But, while some committees are very visible, others are not. Think of MedCo, think of CultureCo… What have they been up to this semester and what are their plans? And, more importantly, why are they so invisible?

MedCo is a committee primarily for pre-med students. This semester the committee has been busy helping pre-med students design their curriculum and select exchange destinations. MedCo is planning a Diabetes Awareness Week for next semester, in which students can get their blood sugar measured before and after lunch, to see the effects of food on your body. Another upcoming event is a lecture about organ donations, including a personal story of a UCU teacher. Simone Uniken Venema, chair: “I think MedCo can be considered invisible to some extent, because we mainly focus on pre-med students. I can imagine that other students might have little interest in MedCo. However, we are hoping to reach more students next semester by organising lectures that are interesting for a broader audience.” 

CultureCo is a committee that wants to make students aware of the cultural diversity on campus by letting them get in touch with different cultural festivities and foods. Cooperation has been CultureCo’s keyword this semester: they organized the Arabian nights party together with PartyCo and the iBar nights together with BarCo. During Winter Wonderland CultureCo will take pictures of students of different nationalities with a Christmas wish written in their own language, to show the cultural diversity of our campus. For next semester, CultureCo has planned more activities, such as the celebration of Chinese New Year, the highly popular Pancake Day and Food Trippin’. CultureCo thinks they’re not really visible because they don’t organize regular events or weekly meetings. Right now the committee aims at 2 or 3 events per semester, but this amount should increase to make CultureCo more visible. Monice Cornelissen, treasurer, encourages students to come up with suggestions as well.

I think we can say that MedCo and CultureCo have not been very visible on campus, but the good news is that both are planning more events for the spring semester. MedCo and CultureCo are valuable committees and they definitely have the potential to organize events that will reach a broader audience, so guys, take off your invisibility cloak!


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