Top 5 Things to do on a Rainy Day

By Meera Rajasooriar

Being quintessentially British with my umbrella acting as almost an extension of my right arm, I pride myself on being an expert in rainy day activities. If you haven’t heard, it rains in England. A lot. So I have compiled a list of a few things to keep you entertained on these cold, wet, winter nights on campus.

1.            Do you remember when we were younger and had that enthusiasm for every possible activity? Bring back that energy on this rainy day and recreate that feeling of pure excitement and joy by embracing your childhood and having a paper airplane throwing contest with your unit mates. Instead, you could play that well-remembered game of pretending the floor is lava in the lounge and jumping all over the furniture. You won’t even need to worry that your Mum will tell you off for making the sofas dirty either!

2.            Even though it can be ridiculously tempting to stay inside all day, curled up in your pyjamas with a hot chocolate in hand, I dare you to venture out in all of your waterproofs and go for a rainy walk. Explore the woods that parallel the UCU campus and go puddle jumping in your wellington boots. Make as much of a splash as you can and then prepare to come back and enjoy a nice hot shower to warm you up again at the end of the day.

3.            I do love a good cuppa, so what better way to make the most of a rainy day than to host a tea party! Get some friends round, put your glad rags on and make sure the kettle is fully boiled and ready. Ideal for an afternoon catch up or a late night pyjama party as the sun sets, an extra tip is to have some biscuits ready for your guests and see who is the ‘dunking-biscuit-in-tea’ professional.

4.            Get creative and make your own movie theatre by making the tickets, inviting your guests over and getting the popcorn going. Dim the lights and get cosy under lots of blankets, ready to watch a comedy with friends to help forget about the downpour happening right outside your window. I would suggest something that will make your sides hurt by laughing too much, like The Hangover, School of Rock, 21 Jump Street or even the utterly quotable Mean Girls.

5.            My final suggestion to ward away to winter blues is to create a blanket fort in your room. The bigger the better, so try to get creative and see if you can mask the entire room in blankets, cushions and sheets. Sitting in a fort makes any activity more fun, so you could curl up with a book, read a magazine or even have a little nap in which you can dream about the spectacular masterpiece you would have just created.


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