Gezellig Is Not Enough

By Piotr Dudek

No other country that I have visited has people that are more excited about going out than those in the Netherlands. Considering we live on a tiny campus, I believe it is worthwhile to be adventurous once in a while and burst the bubble – and not only during the daylight (going to Albert Heijn for grocery shopping does not count!). After hours of contemplation I managed to actually head to town, which I very much recommend, and I was so surprised to discover that the ways of partying vary greatly among regular Dutchies and UCU’ers. Let me share my observations with you.

How do true Dutchies begin?

All Dutch people seem to agree that the most important part of a party is the pre-party. They simply love all different kinds of pre-parties, as they allow them to save money, which they would otherwise have spent on alcohol in the club. Even though having pre-parties is not entirely unique to Holland, there are some aspects that are very specific to the Netherlands, including:

– cheap vodka!
– Albert Heijn wijn!
– zoutjes

Prima! When feeling aangeschoten enough, Dutch people hop on their bikes, usually taking a friend on the backseat, and they head off to the club. The rest of their night depends largely on which club they will end up at. As for example…

A Very Dutch Possibility:

One night I ended up in “Filemon”, where almost no internationals can be found. It was particularly interesting to observe that all the guys there had the same sort of haircut, so convincingly resembling the shape of a carrot: short hair on the sides, longer hair on the top. As is common for Dutch men, they were all tall, blond and had lots of gel in their hair – to make sure the weather does not affect the perfect shape of their carrot haircut. Lekker ding!

A Fairly Dutch Possibility:

If you end up somewhere in the area of the Neude, at for example “De Beurs”, you can dance the night away to the sounds of an array of old school pop hits with lyrics. YES! You can dance and sing, at the same time! Obviously, all the Dutchies there drink bier and bier only. Plus, they dress in more casual and international way.

How to end a party in a Dutch way?

When you are tired of dancing or your head is bursting because of the continuous sound of pop songs like “Call me maybe”, it is time to think about the hangover you will have to endure the next day. Everyone is aware of the ‘slightly unpleasant’ consequences of party nights. However, it seems that the Dutch have found a solution to this problem. They invented a perfectly helpful meal called ‘Kapsalon’: patatjes, gyros and kaas. Sounds gross? On the contrary, and furthermore, this is a small price to pay when one can wake up feeling fresh and perfectly rested the next morning.



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