Committee Corner: UC Studios

By Vera van Rossum 

We all know them from the Introweek aftermovie; perhaps you’ve even participated in one of their workshops or attended one of their movie screenings. Lately UC Studios, campus’ very own film committee, has been working on a special, and very secret, new project: the making of a short film.

 “The film is about a boy and a girl. That’s all I can say,” says Eloi Adjavon, chair of UC Studios and director of the short film.  Eloi wrote the script over the summer and, upon returning to UCU, gathered a team of 16 people to help him realize the project. He adds, “We all felt like we should do this. We shouldn’t just say we want to do it. We should do this.” The entire team had to sign a contract to keep the story of the short film secret until it was finished. After some intensive preparation, shooting for the film began in the weekend of 9 and 10 November. The film is due to premiere in the second or third week of the next semester.

When asked, Niels Abdellatif and Carys Mol, the film’s lead actors, said they were both really excited about working on it. Niels, who has previously participated in UC Studios Sundays and is involved in DramaCo, says: “The short film is definitely the biggest thing I’ve done so far at UC.”  Both Niels and Carys agree that, while the process of making the short film takes a lot of time and preparation, it is very rewarding. “A film is a really cool thing to do” says Carys, “apart from your role in the production you really learn a lot.”

Shooting for the short film took place at night. This was a challenge for the director, the actors and the entire crew of the film. As Eloi emphasized, “We have to take into account the weather and the fact that there can’t be many people around when we’re filming, so sometimes we can only shoot very late at night when it’s dark, dry and quiet.” Niels and Carys jokingly added: “It takes some changing our routines around slightly. We’ll have to sleep a bit during the day.”

For those who do not immediately want to commit to a larger project, UC Studios also organizes one-day film-making workshops, the UC Studios Sundays. Eloi explains: “The idea is, we gather at 11, explain the theme, have lunch together, think of an idea, start shooting and the end results will be shown in the bar at night.” The workshops are accompanied by screenings of various films selected by UC Studios’ projectionist Joey Düker, the latest of which was ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’.  Apart from that, UC Studios also helps other committees in making promotion films (e.g. the famous GA movies) and tries to make your exam weeks just that little bit better with their ‘Midterm Bites’.

So if you are excited about film and want to get involved in UC Studios, what should you do? Follow Eloi’s advice: “Check our page, follow what we do and, most importantly, come to our workshops. We could always use more film enthusiasts.”


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