A Steller Gig! Parov Stelar & Band

By Irina Fomichev

On November 5th, filled with excitement, I went to the Parov Stelar & Band concert in Vredenburg Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht. Not being very familiar with them, I was curious to see what the concert would be like. Once Parov Stelar and the band took to the stage, the mood was set for the rest of the evening: it promised to be a night full of dancing and, of course, marvellous music.

Originally the concert was to take place in Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam but, luckily for us, it changed at the last minute to this location here in Utrecht. Once we arrived, the DJ was playing some nice beats to warm up the audience in preparation for the main act. So when Parov Stelar & Band finally arrived on stage, the real party had begun.

The ambience was incredible; everyone was having a good time whilst swaying to the beat of the music. Parov Stelar & Band live were simply amazing. They played unbelievably well and definitely knew how to keep the crowd going. I wasn’t familiar with many of their songs beforehand, but with the way they played, that didn’t matter in the slightest. Their music is a heavenly mix of jazz, swing and electro, which makes for great tunes to let your inner dancer out, and the combination of the jazzy sounds of the trumpet and saxophone with the electric tracks of Parov Stelar is simply brilliant. The fantastic solos by Jerry Di Monza on the trumpet and Max the Sax on the saxophone brought even more life to show. The singer Cleo Panther looked like she was having a lot of fun flaunting her sexy dance moves.

Their enjoyment on stage was highly contagious and the crowd went crazy. A concert is always so much better when it is obvious that the band is having lots of fun and is happy to be there, and you could tell that they were doing exactly that.

I had a blast listening to their absolutely intoxicating music. Having seen Parov Stelar & Band perform this sensational live show I will definitely make sure I get my hands on their newest album The Art of Sampling, and I suggest you all do the same!


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