By Laetitia Boon

One year after their creation, Alpha Beta Phi seems to be defying all expectations and is going strong. Where is UCU’s youngest fratority heading? After their board refrained from commenting, we decided to investigate what first year students think about their newfound association.

A couple of points come to light, after interviewing Alpha Beta Phi’s first year recruits. One: that people really like being part of exclusive groups. Two: that people really like mixed-gender groups. And three: that people really like beer. Mix those up, and you essentially get the purpose of ABP. Add to that what they described as a really “snazzy” crest and some stylish sweaters, and you have got yourself a very marketable fratority indeed.

The first years’ outlook on ABP appears definitely more positive than the more cynical oldies – is it because they weren’t influenced by any preconceptions about the whole group? Either way, it seems like a lot of them were willing to give it a chance.

“I went to the first open borrel and what really struck me was how relaxed the atmosphere was. Everyone was happily talking together, and it was really laid back,” says an anonymous first year. Another student remembers “a constant stream of people walking in and out as [he] hovered in the corner.”

But what made some of us prefer ABP over other, more established, fraternities and sororities? “I think my main motivation to be a part of ABP is that you become friends with an absolutely smashing group of people, and spending time with them is quite enjoyable,” says a smashing new member. A point of originality for them is the planned group study sessions: definitely a departure from the traditional beer drinking.

The question of how open Alpha Beta Phi is to the rest of campus remains, especially in the light of their refusal to be interviewed. At least in the eyes of their new members, they have achieved the perfect ratio, and in more ways than one. Now convince the rest of us.



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