The Top 5 Places to study in Utrecht

By Meera Rajasooriar

Recently I’ve been feeling a little cooped up in the bubble, so I ventured into town to trick myself into being productive by studying in a new environment. Luckily, I stumbled upon a couple of gems that I know I will be frequenting when I want a change in scenery from the blank walls of the Voltaire study rooms.

  1. Ludwig Coffee Bar is a place I have passed many times without actually taking a look inside. It is in the same building as the gym, so you could even have a convenient pre-workout study. Playing soothing music with a calm atmosphere, it is the kind of place where you instantly feel more relaxed simply by being there. It has a light and airy feel. They even offer lunches for less than 5 euros – in case you’re getting so into your work that you don’t want to leave, or merely that you can’t face the thought of a dining hall panini for the 6th time this week.


  2. Douwe Egberts is a famous Dutch café chain which you have probably seen many times without even noticing. Although it is one of the noisiest places on my list, it redeems itself with quirky hot chocolates and light rooms with big tables that are ideal for studying. The particular café I went to situated by Neude is also connected to a home wares shop, so if you fancy buying a new teapot or broke your unit mate’s crockery set, this is the place for you. Now that’s what I call multi-tasking.
  3. This list of course wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the library opposite Winkel Van Sinkel. Being free to use, it’s definitely the place to go if you can’t hear much change jingling in your pocket as we approach the end of term. The second floor is my personal recommendation, boasting large windows with ample light and a beautiful view over the canal.
  4. Coffee Company is a quaint café with branches all across the city, similar to Douwe Egberts. Wifi enabled, you can sip on coffee and work away on your laptop all afternoon. As it is located on Nachtegaalstraat (the same road as the second Albert-Heijn) you can even walk there. Another branch is located in the city center near Winkel van Sinkel, on the Vismarkt.


  5. I have certainly saved the best for last with De Ontdekking, right opposite the Wolff Cinema. This unique café offers a perfect atmosphere to study in, with friendly staff and a nice mix of upbeat melodies from the likes of Jack Johnson to keep you motivated. I could easily spend an afternoon writing an essay here, and I suggest you try and get a seat downstairs on the cosy sofas. They even have board games on offer, so if you’re with a friend, you can take your mind off of your work with a little friendly competition.

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