The Originals: Always and Forever

By Irina Fomichev

Good news for all you Vampire Diaries fans out there: after months of anticipation its spin off the Originals has finally aired. The first episode was very similar to the backdoor pilot shown in season 4 of Vampire Diaries. A good start of the show, I’d say; a catch-up of what happened and showing in which direction the series is headed.

The pilot takes the Originals, a group of ancient and extremely powerful vampires, back to New Orleans – the city of the original vampires. Now, it is in the hands of Marcel, a vampire who has the witches under his control. Obviously, the witches aren’t happy. They convinced Klaus, an Original, to help them overthrow Marcel, by appealing to his lust of power and by keeping Hayley hostage, the werewolf who is carrying his child.

The fact that Hayley is pregnant with Klaus’ child indicates that she will probably play a big role in the Originals. This is a big mistake on the writer’s part in my opinion, because she doesn’t add anything to the show. That being said, I am very curious as to how this whole baby thing will turn out. As Klaus’ brother Elijah puts it, this baby is Klaus’ only chance of ever experiencing unconditional love, which he never received from his parents.

Also the relationship between the brothers Klaus and Elijah is rather captivating. Klaus is off the rails, lusting for power, and Elijah is a true loyal family man who does everything in his power to make the original family whole again. He tries to bring Klaus back on the right path, all though he fails miserably. It seemed that Elijah finally got through to Klaus when we got to see a glimpse of Klaus’ humanity, only to have it completely shattered again near the end of the episode.

What I love about the Originals is that it has all the supernatural awesomeness, but without the cheesy love triangle between Stefan, Damon and Elena. Especially for those who are fed up with Elena and the Vampire Diaries revolving all around her, this is the perfect show. What’s also great about it is that we get to know the Original vampires a lot better through flashbacks of their early life. However, in this episode the flashbacks seemed very forced.

One thing I am quite upset about is that if you’ve never seen the Vampire Diaries, the Originals will be hard to follow. It’s basically a follow up of the events from last season of the Vampire Diaries, except the focus is on the characters of the Original family.

Being a big fan of the Vampire Diaries and having fallen in love with the Original family, I am more than psyched that they have their own TV show now. If you’re anything like me I definitely recommend checking out the Originals.


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