Maaike Visser

1. What are you wearing?

God, where to start. All my stuff is from everywhere. The T-shirt is from Urban Outfitters in London; the skirt is from the clothing swap in UCU. The sequined peacock jacket I bought in a thrift store Perpignan, the socks I got from a friend, and I made the scarf myself in a fit of boredom. The shoes were a gift from my mom and were decorated by children at the campsite I worked.

2. Which current fashion trends do you like and dislike the most?

I like how a lot of people have their own distinct style. Instead of being carbon copies of each other, they pick the elements they like and combine them. That’s why I don’t really dislike anything, as long as the person wearing it feels good about it.

3. If you were shipwrecked on a desert island what 3 books would you want with you?

Harry Potter, Grimm’s Fairytales & How to build a raft.

DaniqueDanique van Leeuwenstijn

1. what are you wearing?

I am wearing a blue strapless dress with a grey knitted cardigan. Black ankle boots and a fringe bag.

2. Describe your personal style and its influences/inspirations

I would describe my style as street classic. I do not look for fashion influences really. I buy that what it is I like. But if I were to pick my favorite fashion style, it would be that of Olivia Palermo.

3. Where’s your favorite place to go shopping?

River Island or Topshop


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