I know this great little place in Utrecht…

In this new column, our writers will explore Utrecht’s hidden little gems.

By Piotr Dudek

Maybe this is your first year at UCU. Maybe the only street you know in Utrecht is the Oudegracht. Maybe sometimes you think to yourself: “I’ve had it with the coffee from Dining Hall”. Or you just feel like running away from the bubble, but you don’t know where to. No need for panic. Here I am, prepared to save you from the oppression.

It was a Thursday afternoon. Classes were finished and the weekend was approaching. To kill the time which I would have normally spent doing nothing except for waiting for the evening party, I decided to be adventurous and go beyond the borders of my security zone – the Bubble. Some messages on Facebook were enough to set up a meeting with miss K. She was also bored with DH coffee and just like me, she felt a great need to consume some sweeties.

Thus we set off in the direction of the sunset, with our sunglasses on, feeling incredibly Dutch on our bikes. After 10 minutes of biking we sat down at a table of what many see as the café of Utrecht – De Bakkerswinkel at the corner of Plompetorengracht and Voorstraat, right next to the University library. I promise you, it was love at first sight…

The best part is that every single staff member speaks English, so do not be afraid, there is no need to awkwardly ask “Spreekt u Engels?” The menu is perhaps not that extensive, since the owners prefer quality over quantity, however once you taste their products you will understand what I mean. For brunch (only till 12pm) you can have some different types of quiche, for example with asparagus or goat cheese, but the best option is always to ask for the “quiche du jour”!

If you feel like eating something light and sweat you can choose from a broad selection of cakes, which vary from brownies (highly recommended!), cheesecake, citron tart and many, many others. I was also surprised by the different types of pattisserie they offer – such as pain au chocolat, croissants or brioche.

British people, don’t worry, they offer a variety of scones. Obviously everything tasted better, as it was accompanied by a cup of gorgeous cappuccino. You don’t drink coffee? No problem! But I wish you good luck with choosing the flavor of your tea from the seemingly hundreds available. And last, but not least De Bakkerswinkel allows you to pleasure your taste buds without ruining your student budget. I hope you will enjoy the place as much as I did!

De Bakkerswinkel, Wittevrouwenstraat 2



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