Committee corner: The Campus Life Forum

By Zoë van den Brink

The CLF is all new and reformed: it consist of one core, simply the Campus Life Forum, and two committees, the Employment Group and the Environmental Working Group. They represent the interest of the students on issues regarding Dinning Hall, housing and facilities, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life on campus.

Chair of CLF and Secretary of the UCSA Board, Corine Bos, informs that the group meets with several teams and representatives on a monthly base to address raised by students.

“Most issues regarding Dining Hall are discussed in the monthly Sodexo meeting between the Secretary and the Chair of the UCSA Board, Kees-Jan Spronsen (Dining Hall Manager), a UU facility management representative and a Sodexo representative. They have quite some power to make direct changes in Dining Hall,” Corine says.

They also meet with the Management Team to discuss events such as the Lustrum and graduation, but also money matters. The MT is composed of Rob van der Vaart (Dean), Bettina Nelemans (Managing Director), Fried Keesen (Director of Education), and Mark Baldwin (Student Life Officer). One of the issues these meetings have addressed is the remaining Dining Hall credit at the end of the fall semester, so it can still be used in the spring semester as well. Currently, they are working on a plan to refurnish the lounges in the academic buildings.

“For smaller issues on housing, we sometimes contact the Landlord directly. We cannot do without Maarten Diederix, who makes sure campus looks beautiful every day,” Corine adds.

At the beginning of the year CLF made a list of things they would like to improve. Many students come with suggestions. However, improvement takes a lot of time, since negotiations are in order and different parties have their own interests. Corine explains: “We usually are not in a position to give them anything back, so we really have to come up with extensive plans in order to convince the Management Team and Sodexo that a proposed improvement is feasible. Luckily, both Sodexo and the Management Team are very willing to listen to us.”

Some changes have already been made in Dining Hall, such as the consistent availability of olive oil and vinegar at the salad bar, and the paper bins for receipts. The refurbishments of the lounges in the academic buildings are currently addressed. Voltaire lounge will be given a makeover later this fall, and Locke lounge in the spring.

Students’ opinions are of vital importance when it comes to making campus a better place. “In order to improve life for you, we need to know what you want!” Get in contact with CLF via e-mail, Facebook, suggestion box or drop by during UCSA office hours.


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