Our adaptation to UCU life

By Anisia Mandro 

It has been almost a month since I started the UCU. It was my own choice to come and study here and I strongly believe it was the right one. I know that studying at UCU will provide me with many new experiences, but also with difficulties and obstacles. These are experiences we need to cope with when ending an important phase of our maturing process.

Being away from home is difficult for everyone and especially for those who had never been away from them for long periods of time. Non-Dutch students have to affront much more than others: homesickness, different environment, difference in social behaviors, experiencing a new culture, and coping with the cold weather. For some of us, like me, even riding a bike is something new. However, I am not the only one who faces these problems and everyone experiences these feelings in a very personal way.

It is a normal process that when adjusting to a new things, there is always a process of adaption that goes through several stages. Often, one experience the ‘honey-funny phase’ (or Introweek, as it is known at UCU) first ,where everything is new and wonderful and there are plenty activities to keep you busy. We all know, nonetheless, that after several days you have to go through the ‘compromising phase’, where you start to become aware that you are in a new country and things differ from what you were used to. After, one enters the ‘fine-tuning phase’, where you try to get used to all these differences and trying to get settled into a completely new lifestyle. Although it will take a while until you reach the master phase where you feel comfortable with the new culture and your new life, it’s important to take things as they come, enjoy the moment and already start thinking, of course, about our future prospects.



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