Top 3 Advice for Summer Term Procrastination

By Marina Lazëri

1–Gogol Bordello is a New York based Gypsy Punk band. Ever wondered what mixing your teenage rebellion sounds with your current interest in exotic music sounds like? Try the weirdness that is Eugene Hütz. A music that is influenced from classical music and Yiddish sounds on top of Eastern European gypsy reverberations, Gogol Bordello’s pieces will make you want to hitchhike all the way to Ukraine while dancing on top of a car. Furthermore, it’s a band named after Nikolai Gogol and the Italian word for brothel. What are you waiting for?

To get a taste of their gypsy deliciousness, listen to ‘East Infection’. To get a taste of their heartbreaks, listen to ‘Sun Is On My Side’. As a bonus, they are playing in Rotterdam on the 23rd of June .

2 – Hallucinating Foucault by Patricia Dunker. It’s a book. About Foucault.And madness. But you got that, no?

This was a very pleasantly surprising read. As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of good literature, I am always wary of anything claimed to be ‘the next great postmodern novel’. So I started reading with a judgmental mind. Indeed, this is not the next great postmodern novel. The style is pleasantly classical in the emotional detail it transmits to the reader. Closer to Russian Realism than ‘the British novel’, this style picks up postmodern considerations of sanity and madness all the while managing to transmit all the confusion that homosexuality stirs while it is acquiring a status of normalcy. You don’t need the next great postmodern novel.

10, 99 Euro from or free borrowing from me

3 –‘Daria’ is an animated American TV-show about a cynical teenager that flat-out refuses to partake in mainstream high-school life. I would assume that by now this show is a hit with particular subcultures, but for me it was a great discovery. Beginning in 1997, with a span of five seasons and two movies, ‘Daria’ took away most of my midterms’ week by making me reminisce about my own experiences refusing to fit in in highschool. ‘Daria’ is hipster, intelligent, visually pleasing and contains many obscure references to philosophy and literature that every UCU person should have obviously been familiar with starting from the age of fourteen.

Check out the IMDb page for more information. I shall refrain from giving any advice on how to procure the episodes.


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