By Roeland van Beek, class of 2011

Dear class of 2013,

It’s almost three years ago I first saw you. We were watching you from a corner in Dining Hall, full of prejudice, looking for the cutest ones, not knowing who’d end up dating them yet. You were sitting there, excited, nervous, shy, I guess, waiting for your new parents to take you home.

I wasn’t one of the better dads. It’s probably cliché, but I wish I’d spent more time with my family. Having three sons and seven daughters was awesome, and I should have taken more care of them. Soon after the first week, I lost track of most of you. I remember I even made fun of a friend for having lunch with first-years only.

But things changed. In December, I went to buy pancakes for a presentation with a first-year girl. By March, I went hitchhiking to Croatia with many of you. In April, a tin can phone between Voltaire and G officially connected me. And the morning after Beach Party that year, I got an incredible birthday cake… from first-years only.

You became second-years, third-years. One by one, I got to know so many of you, through courses, teaching, recordings, trips, games, parties, and more. I know there are a whole lot of you I didn’t get to hang out with, and maybe you just think I’m annoying for still being around and writing a grandpa column, again. Sorry about that, but this is also for you.

At Prom this year, I was watching you again. You were dancing, laughing, being beautiful. I realized how in these three years you’d transformed from that shy group of freshmen into two hundred really cool people. And I felt like a truly proud dad.

Thank you for these amazing years. Campus will not be the same without you.

Love, Should-have-left-ages-ago


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