Boom Debate

Proposition: UCU Students are a Bunch of Foolish idealists

PRO – Steve Gatesburg

Already in our first semester at UCU we are brainwashed into believing we can fix the world. Look at us, almighty liberal arts students, leaders of tomorrow! Aren’t we the next generation, responsible for making a change, creating a better world? Hell, we are, and from day one we know who to fight: the big bad corporations, corrupt regimes, and the elite destroying our environment and our world.

We secretly dream of making a change by working for a local community in Africa, defending human rights as a diplomat, or developing new medicines. Just look at campus: We have an NGO, the Environmental Working Group, ComCo, HumCo, and Enactus. A never-ending supply of reminders that we are good and moral people.

Alas, UCU is not a reflection of the real world, and the sooner we realize this, the better. We are unwilling to accept that in real life we are insignificant – no more than a tiny link in the big system. We don’t know how to compromise. Instead of dwelling on global justice and human rights, we should focus on putting our UCU skills to practice to achieve something feasible.

It’s easy to defy conventions and fight for the good when you are still generously sponsored by your parents or the state. Once we are out there, looking for jobs, struggling to pay the bills, trying to provide for our families, we’ll learn to adapt. Leftist ideologies aside; bankers do earn a pretty nice salary.

CON – Mandé Lagahndee

When did you last talk about changing the world? You know, while talking about plans after UCU and you casually mentioned your intentions of saving the globe…? Oh right, you don’t give a shit! How often have you heard the phrase “ain’t nobody got time for that” being carelessly thrown around as an excuse for not going to lectures and charity events? Surprising, since we do have time for the bar or hanging out with friends till three in the morning.

If anything, we are opportunists, with more cynicism than is good for us. We join committees strictly for CV building purposes, and we limit ourselves to make-believe bettering the world through case studies inside classrooms. Of course we’ll pick up the gauntlet and be tomorrow’s leaders, but only if we like what’s in it for us.

Now, more than ever, we are aware of the countless options, opportunities, and obligations we have. The countries to visit, the dream jobs to have, the perfect family to raise – we truly won’t have time to save the world after life’s daily demands have been met. And unless we’re given a really good reason, we’re not going to make time either.

We are no different than the rest of the world. Leftist activists stand out here, and Facebook posts about injustice get a like at best, if not merely an annoyed sigh or snarky comment. The idealist student is an endangered species; we are the new world order, and ‘whatever’ is our battle cry. #YOLO


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