Style ≠ Fashion?

La mode passé, le style reste’’

–  Coco Chanel

Last month we featured a piece about Laurence Herfs, a fashionista that uses not only clothes but art to express her style. That got us thinking… are clothes really necessary? Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting anyone runs around naked (unless you want to of course), but more questioning what it is that style really means. Does a difference between style and fashion actually exist?

Starting from when we get up in the morning and decide how we’re going to look, style means something different to every person. While some may consider it a means of celebrating the self, a fight against invisibility, or an act of creative expression, others may simply ‘get dressed’ without putting much thought into it. Both are expressions of personal style, because they involve expressions of who you are.

Style does not equal fashion. In fact, there is a vast gap between fashion and style. Fashion, is about clothes and their relationship to the moment. Style, is about you and your relationship with yourself. Fashion is in the clothes. Style is in the wearer.

When choosing who to feature in our monthly posts, we pick people for many different reasons. Sometimes it’s a wonderful jacket, an exquisite hat, other times, it’s a knowing face, or a confident stance. Not always are the person’s clothes something we would personally wear but they are always a standout to us, they tell us a story about their owner.

Style is more character than clothes. It’s you making visible your inner self. As put by Coco Chanel: “fashion passes but style remains”. So go forth and be stylish!

Check out what UCstyle. have been up to on their very own cute blog:


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