By Roeland van Beek, class of 2011

When I just started my internship, I came across a document titled “Things you should have done if you work at ProRail.” Riding along with an inspection train, visiting traffic control and changing a switch were a few. Even though I haven’t done any of those yet, I really like the idea. I think we should have such a bucket list for UCU, and tutors should support students in completing it.

If it were up to me, sleeping on the quad for a night would definitely be on it. Going on exchange, no matter how much you like it here. Taking Introduction to Linguistics. Staying in the Bar until Closing Time, sober. Saying something at a GA. Being on campus when you have absolutely no homework to do. Having a random chat with the dean. Visiting your friends at home. Being in a campus performance. Playing Killer’s Kiss.

And there’s so much more. People used to climb the fence of the Kromme Rijn swimming pool and go skinny dipping there at night, but that’s become harder after they made it an indoor pool.  I myself wish I had joined some committees instead of being afraid my English wouldn’t be good enough – if only someone had told me how much I’d regret that…

If there’s one thing I’d recommend to everybody, that’s taking a first-year course in your third year. One that is completely unrelated to your major. Besides having something easy to take your mind off your thesis, it’s great to realize how much you’ve learned since you came here. Although I wasn’t supposed to, I often laughed at the discussions in my Neuroscience I course.

On top of that, meeting twenty new first-years was like a mini-Introweek I wouldn’t have wanted to miss: quite the opposite of a 300-level physics course with people I’d known since my first semester. Seriously, if you have any room at all, complete your curriculum with a course that’s fun and cozy.


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