Board Elections Announcement

It is that time of the year when the Boomerang is electing its new Editorial Board, this time for the 2013-2014 academic year. 

Being part of the Boomerang Board is a responsible task, yet a truly rewarding one! Most Board members serve both as members of the Editorial team and simultaneously fulfill the tasks of a regular UCSA committee Board. Here are the task descriptions:

Editor-in-Chief (Chair)

Responsible for the day to day needs of the organization and decisions to be taken. The Editor-in-Chief holds the end responsibility for publishing The Boomerang and formulating its general strategy and outlook. Among his/her tasks is the overview of the Board, the chairing of Board meetings and the final reviewing of The Boomerang as a whole.

Managing Director (Vice Chair)

The Managing Director is together with the Editor-in-Chief responsible for the Coverstory and Special Feature sections and part of the process of creating the edition from the beginning. The Managing Director will be responsible for promotion and events organization and will set deadlines, contact printers and, along with the Editor-in- Chief, deal with emergencies. In the absence of an Internet Editor, the Managing Editor uploads the Boomerang to a web medium after the print edition comes out. They make sure a digital copy of the Boomerang is added to the archive on Workspace and accessible on the Internet.

Campus Editor (Treasurer)

Responsible for the publication of The Bubble section dealing with UCU issues including the UCSA, ASC and College Hall. This includes organizing writers meetings for this section and communicating with the writers whenever necessary during the whole process. In addition, they will also run finances and budget and will be in charge of the final editing of the aforementioned section.

Off-campus Editor (Secretary)
Responsible for the publication of the Opinion and Colosseum sections. This includes organizing writers meetings for these sections and bearing the end-responsibility for the collection and editing of these articles, before the Editor-in-Chief. The Off-campus Editor is also in charge of secretarial tasks. These include writing the minutes of the Board meetings, sending them to all Board members and archiving all decisions.

Managing Editor

The Managing Editor is the actual head of the copy editing team and organizes the biweekly editing meeting. Next to carrying out the Quad Queries for each issue, they are responsible for organizing team-building activities, as well as the writing and editing workshops. They will also be responsible for Human Resources and handling complaints to articles together with the Editor-in-Chief.

Art and Lay-out Director

This  member  of   the  Board  is  responsible  for  gathering  art  work,  recruiting  artists  and overseeing the layout process. He/she stays in communication with cartoonists and gathers necessary works for the issue.


All positions are open and every Boomerang member is eligible to run for any of the positions. New Boards are elected in a democratic elections based on a simple majority vote. Only legitimate Boomerang members can cast a vote.

Election statements deadline: Sunday, 12/05, at noon

States your main motivation for joining the Board, relevant experience and ideas for improvements on that position. Boomerang members can check the Workspace for previous Board members’ statements.

Elections: Monday, 13/05, 17.45 in Voltaire lounge

Running candidates give a short and casual speech where they summarize their main points. Why should we vote you? All current members are required to come and cast a vote. We apologize for the unfortunate timing to those having an exam the next day – it will NOT take more than one hour and we’ll have yummy brownies for you!!

– If you haven’t been part of the Boomerang so far, but now suddenly you’ll have the time next semester and are motivated to contribute to our campus newspaper at this level – you can still run! It is important that you contact asap a current board member to talk to and get more clarification! If you are hesitating and not sure if this is for you, please come talk to us too.

– If you are currently on exchange you can still run by sending us a video recording of your speech.

– If you are going on exchange either fall 2013 or spring 2014 you can still run. It is preferable that the majority Board members will be here for the whole year though.


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