The Boom debate

Proposition: Campus Relationships Are Doomed To Fail

PRO By Nepèrs Onmaime 

UCU love always comes with an expiry date, mostly sooner than later. The basis for a stable and long-lasting relationship is having personal space and time for yourself, and let’s face it: that’s never happening on this compulsively social campus. What happens when you see each other all the time and share dinners, hobbies, activities, even friends and lovers? Pretty soon you are completely fed up with the other, unable to escape them even for a moment.

In the beginning this closeness might lead to intensity and passion, but in the long term is detrimental. At one point, you know precisely how the other functions and organizes their life on campus. Your daily life is so entangled and bound to UCU that your relationship basically turns into yet another committee. Total buzz kill. Living this close together also means being confronted with their flaws and past mistakes all the time; don’t forget that all those girls he went out with last year are still around! Now combine this non-existent privacy and the non-stop interaction and you have a time bomb waiting to explode.

Besides, success of any romantic relationship requires self-knowledge – who you are and where you stand in life. Now think of the ever-doubting and confused UCUer. Most people here have no idea what they are doing half of the time, young, excited, and energetic as they are. We are all still developing and shaping our personas, which makes us fairly unreliable. Before we realize it, we are making out with someone else in the bar. Bye bye relationship!

CON By Cupide d’Amoure 

“They say a person only needs three things to be truly happy in this world: Something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to.” UCU offers the perfect balance between these three. There is always homework to do, a party or break to look forward to, and if you’re lucky, someone to love to top it off.

When you are young and in love, what else could you want besides spending all your time with your better half? Out in the real world, the constant difficulty of making time available for each other destroys many relationships. In our bubble, there’s no such trouble – you can wake up together, eat breakfast together, go to class together, have lunch and dinner together, go to the bar together, and finally end up in bed together. But what if you just want some quality time alone for a change? No problem! Even while practically living together, you still have your own safe haven back in your room.

Finally, what better place to learn about each other’s interests than UCU? Did he hate that song you loved at the Open Mic night? Did she fall asleep during that lecture that inspired you to be a better person? Or were you both left utterly stupefied by the plot twist in the Usual Suspects, loving Kevin Spacey even more than you already did? Now you know exactly where you match and clash, which only makes you like each other even more.

The bottom line: if you can survive living together on campus, you can survive anything.


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