The Boomerang Debate

Proposition: The Boomerang is completely and utterly useless

PRO By Rupert Murdoch

The Boomerang? More of a 6000€ waste of UCSA money: it’s the committee with the biggest budget, and yet, the most useless one.

A few conceited students who fancy themselves journalists produce a joke they call a newspaper. But are they in any way qualified? No. Sure, there’s the Journalism class, but no one ever gets into that, and those who do, never end up writing for the Boomerang.

Those who bother to pick up a copy on their way out of Dining Hall are faced with BS opinions from students who not only lack life experience, but in some cases, also dictionaries. And they can’t even claim they did their best: UCU is demanding, so those “articles” are most likely “composed” five minutes before the deadline. And what about the environment? How many trees have fallen victim to a few students’ delusional journalistic ambitions?

If the Boomerang could at least claim to be independent, fair and balanced, the faults mentioned above may be excused. But it is subject to the censorship of the UCSA Board, which makes fulfilling any kind of watchdog function impossible. Writers must be very careful when reporting on them, which ensures that the skeletons in the UCSA’s closets never emerge. So, if the Boomerang can’t criticize our governing body the way media should, what’s the point?

The people living in Voltaire have an answer: they use it as a doorstop. Which may be as good as it gets, dear Boomerang.

CON By Bob Woodward

Imagine the campus apocalypse to ensue if it wasn’t for the Boomerang. College Hall as the ultimate totalitarian power, the UCSA as their secret police, Maarten Diederix as Big Brother – our lives controlled and oppressed. Would you like living in this Orwellian nightmare?

Without journalism, campus democracy would be crushed to pieces. The Boomerang is not afraid to ask the touchy questions, to expose “public secrets” and get you thinking about what you never did before.

Our writers work day and night to provide you with reads juicier than those scholarly articles. Their purpose in life is uncovering the truth (in lieu of getting straight A’s or hooking up with that cute exchange guy).


Laughter, creativity, and ideas flow freely in the office, when from students we turn into dreamers, eager to go change the world. Soon, the reality of getting things done kicks in. Writing, interviewing, editing, re-editing and layout-ing – the making of a Boomerang is like a part-time job.

And even though the fun is enough to motivate the Boom folks, positive side effects abound. Be it a history paper due tomorrow or a unitmate’s essay you were asked to take a look at – you rush through it with ease and passion, realizing that writing and editing have by now become your second nature.

In giving campus a voice, we care too much and work too hard for a few Boom-skeptics to kill the 13-year-old spirit that the Boomerang is.


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